Microsoft Access Syllabus

EMDB 100: Discover Microsoft Access
Course Description  
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An efficient means of managing data is by using databases. Information can be stored, linked, and managed using a database application such a Microsoft Office Access. In this training session, you will examine database concepts, and create and modify databases and their various objects using Microsoft Office Access. Prerequisite: Participants must complete "Introduction to Microsoft Access Part 01" before attending "Part 02".


Learning Outcomes

  • Examine database concepts and explore the Microsoft Office Access environment.
  •  Design a simple database.
  • Build a new database with related tables.
  •  Manage the data in a table.
  • Query a database using different methods.
  • Design a form.
  • Generate a report.
  • Import and export data.


  • Access Basics
  • Design a Database
  • Build a Database
  • Work with Forms
  • Sort, Retrieve, Analyze Data
  • Work With Reports
  • Access with Other Applications
  • Manage an Access Database