Faculty Research Interests

Pamela G. Banks, Ph.D., Full Professor, Department of Chair

Clinical Psychology, University of Southern Mississippi, 1985
Areas of Interest:
1)       Diagnosis and treatment of anxiety disorders
2)       Violence Prevention and Anger Management
3)       Stigma Reduction and mental illness
4)       Multicultural competencies
5)       Stress Management and health status

Taunjah P. Bell Neasman, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Experimental Psychology (specialization in Behavioral Neuroscience), Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, 2007
Areas of Interest:
1)      Effects of vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) on anxiety and the capacity of atropine methyl nitrate to attenuate VNS effects in laboratory rats
2)      Effects of VNS on medically refractory epilepsy, clinical anxiety and treatment-resistant depression in humans
3)      Neurobiological mechanisms underlying emotional control and emotional responses; 4) Impairments in neural mechanisms leading to exaggerated fear and anxiety disorders as well as new forms of treatment for anxiety and depression

Richard Chiles, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Theology and Religious Studies (Counseling Psychology concentration), Northwestern University, 1990
Areas of Interest:
1)      Conceptualizations of the psychoanalytic process and its impact on psychoanalytic treatment
2)      Personality development: The relationship between developmental psychology and intrapsychic experiences

Keith Hudson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Counselor Education, Mississippi State University, 2004
Areas of Interest:
1)      Treatment modalities
2)      Marriage and family issues
3)      Adolescent delinquency
4)      Multidimensional influences

Theresa Kearns-Cooper, Psy.D., Visiting Assistant Professor

Clinical Psychology, Forest Institute of Professional Psychology, 2003.

Areas of Interest:

  1. Multicultural issues
  2. Suicide assessment among African Americans
  3. Seriously mental ill populations

Dawn McLin, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Education Counseling, Mississippi State University, 2001
Areas of Interest:
1)      Unintentional injury and seatbelt use among minority populations
2)      Multiculturalism
3)      Culturally Competent Mental Health Professional
4)      Eating disorders/Obesity among minority populations
5)      Program Evaluation

Cheryl Moreland, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Counseling Psychology, University of Southern Mississippi, 1999
Areas of Interest:
1)      Racial identity development
2)      HIV and risky sexual behaviors
3)      Multicultural counseling and therapy
4)      Group therapy
5)      Clinical supervision

Debra Sue Pate, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Cognitive Psychology, University of California at San Diego, 1982
Areas of Interest:
1)      Human cognition
2)      Neuropsychology
3)      Psycholinguistics
4)      History of psychology
5)      Caregiver issues
6)      Teaching of psychology


Jacqueline Reese-Smith, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Clinical Psychology, University of Kansas, 2009

Areas of Interest:

  1. Psychosocial determinants of health among African American and Latino populations
  2. Social-cultural and behavioral pathways of health
  3. Risk factors for cancer and chronic disease among ethnic minorities
  4. Psychosocial barriers to health behavior and designing culturally appropriate and effective interventions


Juliette Schweitzer, Ph.D., Visiting Assistant Professor

Clinical Psychology, Jackson State University, 2005

Areas of Interest:

  1. Biofeedback
  2. Children and adolescent psychopathology
  3. Mindfulness therapy

Kaye Sly, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Clinical Psychology, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, 1995.
Areas of Interest:
1)      HIV/STD prevention service and research
2)      Women’s health disparities
3)      Substance abuse treatment and prevention
4)      Dual diagnosis

Bryman Williams, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Director of Clinical Training

Clinical Psychology, Jackson State University, 2003
Areas of Interest:
1)      HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, and care
2)      Violence among children
3)      Adult psychopathology
4)      Program evaluation and assessment
5)      Multicultural issues