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Officers & Members

Staff Senate Officers 2017-2018:

Dr. Rosella Houston, President                               
Extended Studies
(601) 979-2616
Email Address: rosella.l.houston@jsums.edu

Dr. La’Tonia Harper, Vice President
Dean, College of Liberal Arts
(601) 979-7036
Email Address: latonia.m.harper@jsums.edu 

Jerrica Frierson-Davis, Parliamentarian
Undergraduate Admissions
(601) 979-2885
Email Address: jerrica.d.frierson@jsums.edu 

Marquita Davis, Secretary
School of Lifelong Learning
(601) 979-8778
Email Address: marquita.s.davis@jsums.edu

Anissa Hampton, Treasurer
Department of English, Foreign Languages, & Speech Communication
(601) 979-2935
Email Address: anissa.r.hampton@jsums.edu

Senators 2017-2018:

Frankie Robinson-Adams
School of Public Health
(601) 979-8806
Email Address: frankie.r.adams@jsums.edu

Edna Caston
Undergraduate Studies
(601) 979-0839
Email Address: edna.e.caston@jsums.edu

Tina Collier
Budget Office
(601) 979-2938
Email Address: tina.collier@jsums.edu

Shonda Deverteuil
Department of Housing and Residence Life
(601) 979-2326
Email Address: shonda.e.deverteuil@jsums.edu

Shyandrea Glass
Division of Athletics
(601) 979-8880
Email Address: shyandrea.s.glass@jsums.edu

Michael Ivy
Public Safety
(601) 979-2580
Email Address: michael.o.ivy@jsums.edu

Christopher Lane
Division of Research and Federal Relations
(601) 979-2931
Email Address: christopher.u.lane@jsums.edu 

Constance Lawson
Division of Institutional Advancement
(601) 979-2357
Email Address: constance.v.lawson@jsums.edu

Pamela Flowers-Magee
Department of Counseling, Rehabilitation, & Psychometric Services
(601) 979-2361
Email Address: pamela.b.flowers@jsums.edu

Evis McGee
Public Safety
(601) 979-2580
Email Address: evis.mcgee@jsums.edu

Latanya Moore
Department of Housing and Residence Life
(601) 979-2326
Email Address: latanya.l.moore@jsums.edu

Martisha Morgan
(601) 979-2888
Email Address: martisha.morgan@jsums.edu 

Glory Moses
Department of Psychology
(601) 979-3381
Email Address: glory.j.moses@jsums.edu

Sam Mozee
Mississippi Urban Research Center
(601) 979-4204
Email Address: sam.mozee@jsums.edu

Glenda Myles
School of Public Health
(601) 979-8789
Email Address: glenda.f.myles@jsums.edu

Latoya Reed
Student Affairs
(601) 979-0889
Email Address: latoya.t.reed@jsums.edu

Paul Scott
Undergraduate Recruitment
(601) 979-2334
Email Address: paul.a.scott@jsums.edu

Jarrett Simmons
Department of Computing and Communications
(601) 979-6311
Email Address: jarrett.c.simmons@jsums.edu

Kendrick Spencer
Department of Student Affairs
(601) 979-1179
Email Address: kendrick.r.spencer@jsums.edu 

Shanice Banks-White
Latasha Norman Center
(601) 979-0373
Email Address: shanice.n.white@jsums.edu