Service Hours Needed for Graduation

  • Only students who have enrolled in Jackson State University beginning in 2010 to present are required to complete the service requirement; students enrolled prior to August 2010 are NOT required to complete the service requirement.
  • If a student transfers at least one (1) academic credit from an accredited university/college, than he/she is considered to be a transfer student.  Therefore students accepted to JSU with transfer credit hours are only required to complete 60 hours of service.
  • "In -progress" service hours posted to a student's transcript must be manually added to the total cumulative service hours.  This step is required because hours will change quite frequently in the current semester.  The final hours for the current semester will roll over to the student's official transcript at the end of the semester.
  • Undergraduate students cleared for Graduation Commencement may have any combination of the following:

o   120 hours of on-campus community service; or

o   120 hours of off-campus community service; or

o   120 hours of service-learning (usually offered through an academic course); or

o   120 hours of unpaid internship; or

o   120 hours of field experience; or

o   120 hours which are completed through a combination of on-campus/off-campus community service/service-learning/internships and/or field experience.