Center for Student Engagement and Inclusion

The Center for Student Engagement and Inclusion (CSEI) is dedicated to cultivating citizens of character and integrity by offering purposeful opportunities and resources that complement the academic experience. By participating in programs and services, students are challenged to explore their leadership potential through student centered programming, service and experiential opportunities. Our programs and activities support Student Life’s mission of enhancing the learning, educational growth, and development of students.



The Center for Student Engagement and Inclusion (CSEI) serves as a bridge between student-led learning communities officially sponsored public lectures, student and faculty co-sponsored activities, leadership development and personal growth. CSEI is funded in part by a Title III grant from the U.S. Department of Education.

The Center serves two important functions on campus:

The first is to nurture and support first year students at Jackson State University by providing resources, coordinating learning communities, and leadership training; and

The second is to engage the community in a critical, self-reflective dialogue in an unending effort to build the skills of community involvement.

CSEI provides additional support in the Division of Student Life by performing the following tasks and activities:

  • Provide students, staff, faculty, administrators and alumni with information designed to define and enhance the Core Values of the University;
  • Develop monthly information base of student life activities for all entities of the University;
  • Assist with the development of a comprehensive student development plan;
  • Support the Vice President in providing leadership and assistance to staff of Division of Student Life.


Ongoing Activities

Student Pageants and Productions

Advisor to Miss JSU and Court

Honda Campus All-Star Challenge Coordinator/Coach

Greek Affairs Coordinator

Division Special Projects/Events Coordinator

Some of the CSEI services include: leadership development, peer mentoring, cultural enrichment trips, assisting in new student orientation, Blue Key Honor Society, Student Leadership Institute, National Society of Leadership and Success Seminars, Emerging Leaders Leadership Summit, Thurgood Marshall Leadership Conference, CEO Series and Blue Stars.


JSU Leadership Challenge
Focused leadership, effective communication, problem solving and trust are some of the team components that can affect the success of any organization. The Challenge Course helps students sharpen these skills through outdoor experiential learning. Experiential learning is based on the premise that we learn more by doing than from lecture or text. Participants are given the opportunity to challenge themselves on a personal level as they attempt 3 elements 30-feet in the air. Please visit our office for additional information.


Events and Activities
The CSEI offers to students cultural enrichment trips to museums, the theatre, and the opera. These events offer students the opportunity to embark on a cultural enrichment experience that will awaken students to different forms of entertainment, arts, drama, and the human experience. Please visit our office for participation in these activities.


CEO Series
CEO Series (Creating Excellent Organizations) is open to all students seeking opportunities to enhance their leadership skills. It is designed to enhance the skills of current leaders as well as motivate more students to become involved in leadership activities. Numerous workshops are offered throughout the semester and are open to all students. Through participation in the workshops, individuals will be exposed to various concepts of leadership that will assist them in becoming more aware of themselves and the role they play within their community and ultimately enable one to develop their unique leadership style. Advance registration is not required, but is encouraged. For more information or to register, please contact our office.


Student Leadership Institute

The Student Leadership Institute is a comprehensive leadership development program sponsored and coordinated thru the Center for Student Engagement and Inclusion. As a student, you have access to a rich variety of interactive leadership educational programs and training experiences. The SLI includes a menu of interactive and engaging opportunities for students to learn and practice leadership. The curriculum includes seminars, service opportunities, leadership conferences, and student leader certification. Students may participate in the experience to explore leadership topics or challenge themselves to reach their full leadership potential. Please visit our office to receive an application.


National Conference on Student Leadership

The National Conference on Student Leadership (NCSL), (, has become the one event where student leaders and administrators meet to dialogue and discuss common objectives and common challenges in order to enhance their leadership and organizational management skills. National conferences and weekend leadership certification retreats are scheduled in locations across the country, featuring a terrific program of keynote speakers, faculty and workshop topics meeting campus leadership program needs and objectives. Participants will learn ways to manage their time and resources more effectively; to improve their negotiating skills; and to use synergy for team building. These skills will assist student leaders as they assume leadership roles at the university and in their community. Participants will receive certification as a “Certified Student Leader” upon completion of the program. The students will then take this information back to their respective peers and share leadership skills learned through workshops, meetings, and other events. Participants must acquire 50 Blue Star points to participate in this program. Please visit our office for additional information.


Blue Stars

The National Conference on Student Leadership is an opportunity available to those students that have demonstrated a commitment to developing their leadership potential and putting those talents into action. To become eligible for application to the National Conference on Student Leadership, you must acquire 50 Blue Star points by participating in programs offered through the Student Leadership Institute. These Blue Stars may be earned through participation in any combination of the programs listed below, and may be accrued throughout your undergraduate experience.

Emerging Leaders Leadership Summit
Half-day participation held on campus.
15 Blue Star Points


National Society of Leadership and Success Seminars
Participation in one 60 minute session. You may earn up to 30 points through this program. 6-Session will be offered.
5 Blue Star Points per session


CEO (Creating Excellent Organizations) Series
Participation in one 60 minute session. You may earn up to 30 points through this program. 6-Session will be offered.
5 Blue Star Points per session


Blue Key Honor Society

Blue Key Honor Society recognizes deserving students who have a demonstrated record of success and excellence in scholarship, leadership, and service. Blue Key Honor Society salutes observable meritorious achievement and continued growth, development, and leadership by example.

Blue Key Honor Society recognizes the uppermost percentile of students who have a distinguished and balanced record in all areas.

Individuals selected for Blue Key Honor Society must meet these criteria as outlined below:

1. Scholarship – Members must have a distinguished achievement in classroom and meritorious activity that recognizes significant contributions to the advancement of knowledge, learning and scholarly performance.
2. Leadership – Members must have a distinguished record of leadership and achievement in student organizations, student life, professional associations, or institutional organizations that promote community service, life skills, professional development, or institutional advancement.
3. Service – Members must have a distinguished pattern of service to others, to campus life, or to the greater community.
4. Character and Integrity – Members must have a distinguished pattern of honesty and trustworthiness in personal behavior. They shall be reputable among peers as well as institutional and community leaders.

1. Blue Key members must have at least a 3.0 GPA.
2. These students shall be juniors, seniors, or graduate students.


Thurgood Marshall Leadership Institute

TMSF hosts an annual three-day leadership training institute for TMSF Scholarship Recipients. The program is meant to enhance the scholars’ experience by helping them bridge their academic achievements with necessary and meaningful skills for the workplace. Scholars from the 47 member schools come together in New York City for an intensive program including workshops on career planning, interviewing skills, and resume writing, as well as financial and credit management workshops. In addition to the leadership training, the scholars are provided interview opportunities with corporate partners and are honored at an awards dinner ceremony. Please visit our office for additional information.



National Society of Leadership and Success Seminars

The Society’s Seminars provides students with informative knowledge of the inner and outer workings of our society. The lectures generally appeals to a broad cross-section of the university community, bring new and stimulating thought on major public issues of the day, cultural affairs, or scholarly field of general interest. The lecture series are facilitated in conjunction with the Office of the Associate Dean for Student Development throughout the fall and spring semesters. The lecture series features affluent individuals who have paved the avenues on various levels in our communities. All lectures are free to JSU students and are open to the general public.



Emerging Leaders Leadership Summit

This is a one-day conference open to students on all levels of leadership that are interested in strengthening their leadership skills on the campus of Jackson State University. This event balances education and personal growth with fun and interactive activities for students. Participants will hear motivational keynote speakers, and will be able to attend educational and interactive sessions on the principles of leadership. In addition, the conference is also a good way to meet other students, and network with presenters. All first year students are encouraged to be a part of this program, especially those who are interested in future leadership roles. The completion of the ELLS will make you a strong candidate for future leadership positions, as well as prepare you to take your next steps as a leader on campus.