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Department of Art and Theatre
College of Liberal Arts


The Department of Art provides students with a critical understanding of art, professional training in a range of artistic methods, opportunities to view traditional and contemporary modes of visual expression, and the chance to participate in competitive and professional activities.

Graphic Design

The Graphic Design concentration prepares student designers for many exciting opportunities. For students interested in professional design practice as a career, the department provides a thorough art and design foundation, including intensive drawing, classes in art history, and introductory experiences in various fine arts media. Once this core of foundation classes has been completed, students are intellectually and creatively prepared for coursework in computer graphics, advertising art, and computer aided design.


Jackson State University – Core Requirements 43 hours
Major and Concentration Requirements – 81 hours:

Art History – 12 hours of: Art 221 Art History I,
Art 222 Art History II,
Art 223 History of the Moving Image,
Art 337 Non-Western,
Art 338 African American Art,
Art 453 Curatorial Seminar
Foundations – 12 hours Art 102 Design I
Art 201 Design II
Art 111 Drawing I
Art 112 Drawing II
Related Arts – 21 hours Art 202 Design III,
Art 211 Ceramics
Art 216 Drawing III,
Art 224 Intro to Painting
Art 232 Intro to Sculpture
Art 242 Intro to Printmaking
Art 335 Photography
Concentration – 36 hours

Art 210 Visual Thinking


Art 203 Intro to Computer Graphics

Art 213 Intro to Graphic Design

Art 228 Typography

Art 349 Junior Graphic Design Studio I

Art 311 Web Design

Art 327 Sound Design

Art 351 Junior Graphic Design Studio II

Art 441 Senior Graphic Design Studio I

Art 454 Portfolio Development

Art 430 Graphic Design Internship

Art 443 Senior Graphic Design Studio II


Students who graduate from this program of study are able to work across a range of media, and are especially adept at the creative process within their chosen concentration. They are well grounded in history and theory, and have had many experiences and opportunities that enable them to practice art. With resources including multiple computer suites, a dark room, an expansive permanent collection and professional art gallery, the Department of Art offers students an opportunity to gain professional experience throughout their undergraduate degree. 


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The Department of Art is committed to providing students with a fundamental knowledge of Art, Design, and Art History through our Bachelor of Arts program. We focus on student centered learning that combines research and hands on application. 



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