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Department of Art
College of Liberal Arts


With a commitment to academic excellence and practical experience, the Department of Art provides a solid foundation for those passionate about the arts. We offer a balanced exploration of art’s history and contemporary practices. Our curriculum emphasizes both theoretical understanding and hands-on training, preparing students for diverse opportunities within the art realm. 

Facilities and Resources

Located in Johnson Hall, the Department of Art offers a range of exciting facilities. 

Some of our facilities and opportunities include: 

  • A Mac Lab in Johnson Hall featuring computer equipment with complete image generation, typography, and multimedia capabilities, using current industry standards in software and hardware, scanners, and printers.
  • Graphic Design internships
  • Screen printing facilities
  • Large painting studios
  • Photography studios, darkrooms and printing facilities
  • Wood, metal, foundry, casting and plastic fabrication studios
  • Ceramic kilns
  • A “Smart Classroom” located in the College of Liberal Arts for all Art History and Art Appreciation classes
  • The Journal of Art and Theatre offers an opportunity for students to publish their work in an academic context
  • The Johnson Hall Art Gallery where students can participate in a Senior Exhibition
  • The Department of Art’s Permanent Collection which functions as both a teaching and research resource



Johnson Hall


(601) 979-2388