Analytical / Environmental Chemistry

hanDr. Fengxiang Han
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Research: Nutrient recycling (C, N, P) and eutrophication,  environmental chemistry and biogeochemistry of heavy metals, trace elements and radionuclides, phyto/bio/chemical remediation , surface chemistry, carbon sequestration and global warming.
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Dr. Zikri Arslan
Associate Professor
Research: Chemistry of transition and heavy metals, development of analytical methods, understanding pathways of incorporation and impacts on environment, natural resources and human life.

Dr. Yiming Liu
Bioanalytical chemistry using HPLC, GC-MS, and CE. Analysis of neuropeptides, neurotoxins, and their metabolites in neuronal models such as Aplysia.

Dr. Hiroyasu Tachikawa
Professor Emeritus
Electrochemical biosensors. Raman spectroscopy of thin films.