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Department of Chemistry, Physics, and Atmospheric Sciences – CHEMISTRY
College of Science, Engineering, and Technology


Chemistry is the study of how matter behaves at its most basic level. The central science, chemistry, is involved in everything that we do. Its applications stretch across all areas of life, including medicine, engineering and agriculture.

Md. Alamgir Hossain



1400 J. R. Lynch Street, P.O. Box 17910
Jackson, MS 39217-0510

Physical location:
John A. Peoples Science Building

Office: room #511

Tel: (601) 979-3748
Fax: (601) 979-3674


Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory

Research Interests

Supramolecular, Macromolecular and Inorganic ChemistryResearch in the Hossain group involves supramolecular, macromolecular and inorganic chemistry, with an emphasis on the understanding non-covalent interactions between synthetic hosts and guest species. In particular, this group is interested in developing new biomimetic receptors and sensors for anions, intersecting with organic synthesis, analytical chemistry, and biology. Because of the multidisciplinary approach to research  in the laboratory, group members are exposed to a wide variety of synthetic and analytical techniques from chemical and biological disciplines. Specifically, projects in the group require the design and synthesis of organic molecules containing different binding sites. A variety of techniques including multinuclear NMR spectroscopy, UV-Vis, fluorescence spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, X-ray diffraction and molecular modeling studies are used to characterize binding interactions and investigate selectivity aspects between hosts and guests. The main goal of our work is to provide strategies for the design of highly selective sensing devices that will add a new dimension to the field of supramolecular chemistry.

Selected publications (Click here For Full list of Publications)

  1. Saeed, M. A.; Pramanik, A.; Wong, B. M.; Haque, S. A.;  Powell, D. R.; Chand, D. K.; Hossain, M. A., Self-assembly of ordered water tetramers in an encapsulated [Br(H2O)12] complex, Chemical Communications. 2012, 48 (69), 8631-8633. . (Invited for the back cover page).
  2. MA Hossain, MA Saeed, A Pramanik, BM Wong, SA Haque, DR Powell, A Self-Assembled Fluoride–Water Cyclic Cluster of [F (H2O)] 44–in a Molecular Box, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2012, 134 (29), 11892-11895
  3. Saeed, M. A.; Pramanik, Hossain, M. A. Phosphate binding with a thiophene-based azamacrocycle in water, Inorg. Chem. Comm. 2012, 21, 32–34.
  4. Hossain, M. A.; Kang, S. O.;  Kut, J. K.; Day, V. W.; Bowman-James, K., Influence of Charge on Anion Receptivity in Amide-Based Macrocycles, Inorg. Chem.,2012, 51, 4833–4840. 
  5. Pramanik, A.; Powell, D. R.;  Wong, B. M.;  Hossain, M. A., Spectroscopic, Structural, and Theoretical Studies of Halide Complexes with a Urea-Based Tripodal Receptor, Inorg. Chem., 2012, 51 (7), 4274–4284.
  6. Russ, T. H.; Pramanik, A.;  Khansari, M. E.;  Wong, B. M.;  Hossain, M. A. “A quinoline based bis-urea receptor for anions: A selective receptor for hydrogen sulfate”. Natural Product Communications, 20127, 301 (2012).., (Special Issue in Honor of Prof. H.-J. Schneider).
  7. Hossain, M.A.;  Işıklan, M.;  Pramanik, A.;  Saeed, M. A.;  Fronczek, F. R. “Anion cluster: Assembly of dihydrogen phosphates for the formation of a cyclic anion octamer”. Cryst. Growth Des. 2012. 12, 567–571.
  8. Thompson, B.; Hayes, T.; Tucker, K.; Powell, D. R. Bonnesen, P. V.; Ellis, E. D.; Lee , K. S.; Yu, H.; Hossain, M. A. Seven-coordinate anion complex with a tren-based urea: Binding discrepancy of hydrogen sulfate in solid and solution states. Org. Biomol. Chem., 2011, 9, 4444-4447 [LINK].
  9. Isıklan, M;  . Saeed, M. A.; Pramanik, M.; Wong, B. M.; Fronczek, F. R.; Hossain, M. A., “A C3 Symmetric Nitrate Complex with a Thiophene-Based Tripodal Receptor.” Cryst. Growth Des., 2011, 11 (4), pp 959–963. [LINK]
  10. Wu, H; Saeed, M. A.; Hwang, H.-M.; Zhao, S. Yi-Ming Liu, Y.-M.; Hossain,  M. A. “Application of capillary electrophoresis in anion binding studies: Complexation and separation of nitrate and nitrite by an azacryptand.” J. Phy. Org. Chem. 2011, 24, 1-5. [LINK].



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