Danuta Leszczynska


Leszczynska_DanutaCurriculum Vitae

Office: ENB 149
Phoner: 601-979-1091
Fax: 601-979-3238
Email: danuta.leszczynska@jsums.edu





  1. Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering, Technical University, Poland
  2. M.S.. in Organic Chemistry, Technical University, Poland
  3. B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Technical University, Poland


Research Areas

  1. Water, stormwater and wastewater (water matrix) contamination, and treatment;
  2. Operational problems with secondary contamination (water matrix);
  3. Techniques and mechanisms for enhancement of treatment/removal of organic and metallic contamination (water and soil matrixes);
  4. Emerging technologies for water/soil treatment (constructed wetlands, phytoremediation, photodegradation),
  5. Applications of magnetic field for bioscience and biotechnology;
  6. Quantum cluster study on degradation explosives on the model clay surface;
  7. Nanomaterial in drinking water