Research Centers

Jackson State University (JSU) has been designated as “Research Intensive” by the Carnegie Foundation. The University operates many research centers. Some of these centers include:

  1. Army High Performance Computing Research Center
  2. Center for Spatial Data Research and Analysis
  3. High Performance Visualization Center
  4. Bioremediation Education and Science Technology Center
  5. Computational Center for Molecular Structure and Interaction
  6. Northrop Grumman Center for High Performance Computing of Ship Systems Engineering
  7. RCMI Center for Environmental Health
  8. Center for the Study of Natural Disasters
  9. Coastal Infrastructure, and Emergency Management
  10. Institute for Multimodal Transportation
  11. Urban Research Center
  12. Center for Bio defense
  13. Center of Excellence for STEM Education
  14. Center of Excellence for Minority Health
  15. Center for Business Development and Economic Research
  16. Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
  17. Center for Defense Integrated Data
  18. Institute for research in Higher Education
  19. Science diversity Center
  20. Institute of Epidemiology and Health Services Research.

Two faculty members in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering serve as Center Directors. Centers are listed below:

  1. The Center for the Study of Natural Disasters, Coastal Infrastructure, and Emergency Management :
  2. The Institute for Multimodal Transportation (IMTrans):