Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory

This is another high-bay lab with a floor space of 1,410 ft2 and an interior clearance of 30 ft.  It has the equipment necessary for performing all standard geotechnical tests such as soil index properties (specific gravity, grain size distribution, Atterberg limits, moisture content, and soil density), soil compaction, soil hydraulic conductivity, consolidation, and shear strength. The GeoTAC testing systems, including GeoJac, DigiFlow Pump, and Sigma1, can be used to conduct true-path triaxial shear strength tests, direct shear tests, consolidation tests, and unconfined compression tests. These highly automated instruments facilitate data acquisition and sophisticated data analysis.  The CIVL 380 Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory is taught in this lab. Graduate students also use this lab to do their thesis research.