Hydraulics Lab

This is a high-bay lab that occupies 1206 ft² and stretches from the first floor to the ceiling of the second floor with an interior clearance of 30 ft. The lab contains approximately 28 linear ft of usable lab bench space. The available utilities consist of compressed air vacuum and water. The laboratory has ample storage cabinets and shelves. The lab is equipped with Hydrostatic Bench, Hydraulics Bench, Bernoulli’s Theorem Demonstration Apparatus, Osborne Reynolds’ Demonstration Apparatus, Impact of a Jet Apparatus, Hydrostatic Pressure Apparatus, Losses in Pipes and Fittings Apparatus, Network of Pipes Apparatus, Pump Test Set (Series/Parallel), Hydraulic Channel, Drainage/Seepage Tank Demonstrator, and Advanced Hydrology Study System. The laboratory has ten computers, which allow students to access various water resources software. The Hydraulics Lab also houses the Department’s high performance computing (HPC) platform. The cluster package of the platform contains a 48core, dual processor, and is a computational workhorse used for high-end simulations. The HPC platform is currently being used in high resolution storm surge and hurricane modeling simulations of long term impacts on coastal ecosystem and geohazard studies.