Structural Analysis Laboratory

This is also a high-bay lab with a floor space of 1,206 ft2 and an interior clearance of 30 ft. It has a five-ton overhead trolley crane. The lab features a reaction wall (15’ W x 10’ H, 200 kips total at the highest point) and a reaction floor (20’x 27’) with capacity 200 kips total and point loads of 100 kips at each hole for larger structural tests. The 55 Kips MTS 810 Material Testing System is also kept in here. This lab has been used for teaching CIVL 421 Structures and Materials Lab. The students conduct tests on compressive strength of concrete, modulus of elasticity, rupture modulus of concrete and structural member performance. The construction of the steel bridge for the ASCE Student Chapter regional competition each year is also carried out here.