Abu O. A. Khan, Ph. D.


Contact Information:

Phone: (601) 979-8628
Fax: (601) 979-3630






Ph. D. in Civil and Geological Engineering, University of Manitoba, Canada


Research Interests

LIDAR, GIS and Surface Hyrdology

Spatial and temporal analysis of hydro-meteorological events


Selected Publications

Faruque, F., Khan, A. O. A. and Frigon, M. (2004). Image Creation Using Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) Intensity Data: An Introduction to a New Product. Journal of the Mississippi Academy of Sciences, Vol. 49, Issue 4.

Khan, A. O. A. (1998). Geography of Water Resources. Brandon: Department of Geography, Brandon University.

Khan, A. O. A. & Booy, C. (1991). Statistical Analysis of Bank Erosion of the Jamuna River. In K. M. Elahi, K. S. Ahmed & M. Mofizuddin (eds.) Riverbank Erosion, Flood and Population Displacement in Bangladesh. Dhaka: Riverbank Erosion Impact Study, Jahangirnagar University, pp. 30-45.

Khan, A. O. A., & Booy, C. (1990). Width-Depth Relationship of a Braided River. Proc. Annual Conference and 1st Biennial Environmental Specialty Conference, Canadian Society of Civil Engineers (CSCE), Hamilton, Vol.V, pp.359-372.

Khan, A. O. A., & Booy, C. (1989). Statistical Modeling of Bank Erosion of the Brahmaputra River in Bangladesh. Proc. 9th Canadian Hydrotechnical Conference, CSCE, St. John's, 616-633.

Khan, A. O. A., & Booy, C. (1988). Statistical Analysis of Bank Erosion of the Brahmaputra River: A Transfer Function Approach. International. Symposium on the Impact of Riverbank Erosion, Flood Hazard, and the Problem of Population Displacement, Dhaka.

Khan, A. O. A. (1982). Wave Forces on Vertical Cylindrical Structures. Bangladesh Journal of Water Resources Research, Vol.3, No.1, pp. 1-7.

Khan, A. O. A., & Khan, H. R. (1981). Design considerations of small water conservancy projects in Bangladesh. Manual prepared for practicing Engineers participating in the short course "Small Watershed Conservancy Project". Dhaka: Dept. of Water Resources Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology.