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Department of Chemistry, Physics, and Atmospheric Sciences – PHYSICS
College of Science, Engineering, and Technology


If you have ever wondered scientifically, “why” something is the way it is, or “how” can something exist or behave the way it does, then you’ve entered the realm of physics. Physics is the most fundamental of all sciences, and is the study of nature that is all around us. Physicists try to understand the most basic laws that govern the behavior of nature.

Earth System Science

Earth System Science Curriculum

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Bachelor of Science:  Earth System Science 

Freshman Year   Fall Spring
UNIV 100 University Success 2  
ENG 104, 105 Composition I, II 3 3
HIST 101, 102 History of Civilization I, II 3 3
MATH 118 College Algreb. & Trig. 3  
MATH 241 Calculus I with Lab   4
HE 101 Concepts of Health 3  
CHEM 141, 142           General Chemistry I, II with Lab 4 4
BIO 114 Marine Environments   3
MET 202 Climatology    
MET 199 Weather Forcasting Lab    
(Freshman Year Total: 35 Hours) 18 17

Sophomore Year   Fall Spring
BIO 101 Intro to Biology and Lab 4  
CSC 118 Computer Programming   3
ENG 205 World Literature   3
MATH 242 Calculus II with Lab 4  
MET 200 Intro to Meteorology 3  
PHYL 211 General Physics I with Lab 5  
PHY 212 General Physics II with Lab   5
SCI 205 Earth & Space Sci. with Lab   4
SCI 215 Global Change 3  
SPCH 201 Speech Arts   3
(Sophomore Year Total: 37 Hours) 19 18

Junior Year   Fall Spring
FR, GR, CHI,SP           Foreign Language I, II 3 3
GEOG 103 Physical Geography   3
GEOG 251 Climatology 3  
PHIL 301 Intro to Philosophy   3
PHY 241 Intro to Astronomy 3  
SCI 310 Earth History with Lab 4  
SCI 320 Sed. Environments   3
SCI 325 Mineralogy-Petrology   3
(Junior Year Total: 28 Hours) 13 15

Senior Year   Fall Spring
SCI 410 Oceanography 3  
SCI 415 Geochemistry 2  
SCI 420 Structural Geology 3  
SCI 440 Environments of Africa 3  
SCI 430 GIS/RS* 3  
MUS 205/ART 206           Music or Art Appreciation   3
SCI 425 Environmental Geology   2
SCI 480 Earth Science Seminar   1
SCI 441 Envir. Health in Africa   3
SCI 432 Hydrology   3
(Senior Year Total: 26 Hours) 14 12

TOTAL HOURS: 126 (Minimum Credit Hours required for the Degree: 124 
NOTE: Students must satisfactorily pass the English Proficiency Examination.


Learn about the frontiers of space and time while searching for extrasolar planets and world-renowned observatories. Explore the mind-bending consequences of Einstein’s theory of gravity and curved space-time, or unlock the mysteries of our awesome Earth with field research opportunities. 

“Challenging Minds, Changing Lives.”


For many years, we have played a central role in new physics developments and advancements.

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Department of Chemistry, Physics, and Atmospheric Sciences
College of Science, Engineering & Technology
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