Loren D. White, Ph. D.








Ph.D., Meteorology, Florida State University


Research Interests

Numerical modeling

Land surface/biosphere interactions

Mesonet observing systems

Mesoscale meteorology

Tropical meteorology


Selected Publications

White, L.D., 2003: “Methodology for design of a Mississippi Mesonet”, 7th AMS Symposium on Integrated Observing Systems, Feb. 10, 2003, Long Beach, CA.

White, L.D., 2002: “Land surface forcing as an element in seasonal ensemble prediction”. 16th AMS Confer. on Probability and Statistics in Atmospheric Sciences, Jan. 2002, Orlando.

White, L.D., M. Tewari, and T.N. Krishnamurti, 1998: Application of a GCM to study the surface hydrological budget of Amazonia. J. of Applied Meteor., 37, 1321-1331.

Krishnamurti, T.N., L.A. Ogallo, L.D. White, and G. Daughenbaugh, 1994: Climate Atlas of Africa: 1980-1989. Dept. of Meteorology, Florida State Univ., Report FSU-94-14, 696 pp.


Contact Information

Phone: (601) 979-3635

Fax: (601) 979-3630