Suseela Reddy, Ph. D.


Contact Information:

Phone: (601) 979-7012
Fax: (601) 979-3630






Ph.D. in Atmospheric Physics, University of Poona, India
M.Sc (Tech) in Applies Geophysics, Andhra University, India
B.Sc in Physics, Osmania University, India

Research Interests

Tropical Meteorology
Mesoscale Numerical Modeling for Weather Research and Forecast
Climate Variability and Satellite Meteorology

Selected Publications

A study of heat flux over Gulf of Mexico and its relationship with hurricane Opal, R. S. Reddy and R. L. Miller, Proc., of 22nd Conference on Hurricanes and tropical meteorology, May 19-23, 1997, Ft.Collins, CO.

Air-Sea interactions over the Gulf of Mexico and their relation to the hurricane Opal, R. S. Reddy, Latrice Maxie and R. L. Miller, Proc. of 9th Conference on Interaction of the Sea and Atmosphere, AMS, 11-16, January 1998, Phoenix, Arizona.

Mesoscale modeling for the Gulf Coastal States, Paul Croft, R. S. Reddy, P. Patrick and A. M. Sealy; Proc. of 2nd conf. On coastal prediction, 11-15. Jan.1998, Phoenix, Arizona.

A Study of Air-Sea Interactions, Hurricane Predictive Index (HPI) and 1995 Hurricane Activity over the Gulf of Mexico. R. S. Reddy, Ronnie Guyton and R. L. Miller, Proc. AMS 23rd Hurricane & Tropical Meteorology, January 1999, Dallas, TX.

Mesoscale circulation over complex surface surface in Lousisiana-Mississippi (LA-MS) coastal region, R. S. Reddy, Jan Hafner and Paul Croft; The Tenth PSU/NCAR Mesoscale Model User’s Workshop, 21-22, June 2000, Boulder, Colorado.