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Jackson State University’s Department of Political Science helps students combine theoretical creativity and empirical research. Among the department’s areas of strength are American politics, comparative politics (particularly African politics), international relations, and public law. The department’s faculty uses diverse analytic perspectives, but their research programs share a common concern for the role of citizenship in government, political processes, and institutions.

The Department encourages students to participate in research activities and experiential learning. Mississippi’s capital city, Jackson, is a rich learning laboratory that provides our students with internships in state and local government, the court system, law firms, and political campaigns.

TheĀ Fannie Lou Hamer National Institute for Citizenship and Democracy, cosponsored by the department, conducts summer seminars on the civil rights movement as a model of participatory democracy.

International exchanges and travel are available to faculty and students via the Jackson State University Office of International Programs and the Mississippi Consortium for International Development.