Undergraduate Program Graduation Process

The graduation process includes three stages accompanied by Forms I, II and III, respectively.

Form I

Form I is initiated by the student.  The student should make an appointment with either the academic counselor or the senior advisor for a transcript evaluation.  The student must have at least a 2.0 GPA and be in the process of successfully completing coursework requirements in order to have the form signed by his or her advisor, the department chair and the dean of the school.  The student must provide proof of having taken and passed the English Proficiency Examination and taken the Graduate Records Examination.

Form II

Form II is initiated by the department and requires the successful completion of Form I.  It lists the courses the student needs to graduate including those in the current semester.

Form III

Form III requires several signatures.  Students receive Form III after their exit interview with an associate dean in the College of Liberal Arts.  It should be completed using the following process:

  1. Pick up senior pack from the Office of Career Counseling and Payment.
  2. Schedule an appointment for an exit interview with the Associate Dean prior to folder review in the Dean's office.  Bring signed copies of Forms I and II to the interview.
  3. Review your senior folder in the Dean's Office on posted dates only . Check with your major department and bulletin boards for the announcement. Your folder should consist of the items on the senior checklist including Form I and Form II. (The Dean's Office is located on the second floor of the Robinson Liberal Arts Building).
  4. Check with the campus bookstore regarding graduation regalia and the department's tassel colors.

Questions about transcript evaluation should be answered by the senior faculty advisor or the academic counselor.

Before Form III can be signed the student's folder in the Dean's office must contain the following:

  • Completed and signed copy of Form I.
  • Completed and signed copy of Form II with attached transcript from the major department.
  • Dean's office evaluation of student folder contents.

In order to have Form III signed by the Dean's office, each student must present the following items:

  • Exit interview certification (from an Associate Dean).
  • Copy of GRE scores or admit ticket.
  • Copy of English Proficiency Exam score (secured from the Office of Psychometric Services)
  • Current schedule of classes (secured from the Department of Political Science).
  • Copy of the student's grades from the most recent semester (secured from the Department of Political Science).
  • Original Form III signed by the major advisor and department chair.
  • If necessary, change of grade form(s) for the removal of grade(s) of incomplete.
  • If necessary, authorization to substitute a course form (secured from the Department of Political Science).