Academic Action Plan
An Academic Action Plan is a personalized roadmap for students facing academic challenges. It involves self-assessment, goal setting, and strategies for improvement. Students work with advisors to identify resources, set achievable goals, and regularly monitor progress. The plan aims to enhance academic performance and support students in achieving success in their studies.

Articulation Request Form
If a student has coursework from a previous institution that does not appear in the JSU Course Equivalency Guide, and feels it might work towards their major degree or curriculum requirements, then they should submit a course articulation request.

Change of Major
Currently enrolled students will change their major by completing this form. Submit the form to your assigned advisor for processing and discussions of curriculum changes. You will receive a confirmation email when the form is successfully submitted, and another email when the major change has been completed.

Course Withdrawal Form
Students who wish to withdraw from a course after the Add/Drop period has ended should complete the course withdrawal form to give notification to the university that you will no longer be attending the course. The course will remain on the transcript and a “W” will appear in place of the grade. Course withdrawal does not negatively impact the GPA but may have implications for persistence and financial aid.

Double Major Request
Students may wish to earn two majors within the same degree. All requirements for the degree and both majors must be completed. Students who double major are not required to complete a minor but can elect to do so. Please discuss with your advisor before filling out this form and obtaining all signatures.

Music Registration Ticket
Registration of music courses can be a complex process. Students must take and pass placement exams and register for courses based on approvals. This form is to be completed with your Faculty Mentor and discussed during your advisement sessions with your assigned advisor.

Plan of Study
Students can use the Plan of Study to plan out their time at JSU. By using resources such as the Academic Bulletin and DegreeWorks, students can plan each individual Fall, Spring and Summer semester course load.

Course Request Form
Academic scheduling is a complex process involving many details. Students work with academic advisors to decide to make final decisions on courses selections. This involves answering questions including which classes will be offered, in how many sections, and at what options are available.

Transient Request Form
Students can take courses from across the states as long as they fulfill state, institution, and program requirements. Students who are enrolled in one state college or university, but take a course at another state college or university are called transient students.

Undergraduate Student Course Override Request Form 
In certain circumstances, students may request permission from academic advisors, faculty advisors, department chairs, associate deans, and/or instructors to register for a course without having the specified prerequisite completed or in progress. For students to request an override, they must submit the request form. 



Office of the Registrar

Withdrawal Form

What is an Official University Withdrawal?
An official withdrawal occurs when an enrolled student (graduate or undergraduate) decides they must leave the University in a given term after the last day to add/drop a course and the student has attended at least one class. The official withdrawal date is defined as the day the student submits their official withdrawal request.

The student is assigned a grade of “W” for each course and the “W” will not be calculated in the GPA. Withdrawal from the University may affect housing, graduation, financial aid, and tuition and fees.

How to Initiate Your Official Withdrawal Request?
To begin the withdrawal process, students are required to contact their advisor in the University Academic Advisement Center, complete the electronic withdrawal survey and withdrawal request form. Upon withdrawal from the University, attendance in all classes and/or academic activities must end. The withdrawal process will be completed within 1-3 business days.

All students will be responsible for the tuition and fee charges associated with the class(es) and  their charges related to attending the University. Note: Please view the academic calendar for  official University dates.

Official Withdrawal Checklist
Use the following list as a guide to help guide you through the withdrawal process. Note, not all items may apply to your situation. 
1. Before you initiate an official withdrawal, speak with your advisor.  Your advisor can help determine what options are available to you. The University expects that students maintain continuous enrollment each term.

2. Check on your financial aid status.  Withdrawing from the University may have implications on future financial aid eligibility and student loan repayment. Federal regulations and University policy may require that you repay a portion of the funds you received. Your financial aid will be prorated according to your date of withdrawal and funds credited to your student account will be adjusted. This adjustment may create an outstanding balance on your student account that you will be required to pay. We strongly encourage you to investigate these factors prior to withdrawing.

3. Pay any remaining charges on your student account.  You will not be able to re-enroll into the University in the future or request an official transcript, if any unpaid, past-due charges remain on your account (tuition, fees, etc.). If  your account is past due, it may be referred to a collection agency.

4. If applicable, check your housing status. Contact the Housing department to determine if there may be financial implications when canceling your housing.

5. If applicable, notify University Veterans Services of your plans to withdraw. If you received benefits as a US veteran, service member, or family member of a US veteran, you must notify University Veterans Services of your leave or withdrawal.

6. If applicable, notify the Department of Athletics of your plans to withdraw.  Any athlete should contact the Department of Athletics of your temporary or permanent leave from the University.