General Education

More than a Pathway

THEE Pathway General Education Program is a customizable academic experience that promotes critical thinking, math/analytical reasoning, and communication. All degree programs at Jackson State University include a general education curriculum. The general education courses complement the specialized academic major courses to provide balance within a broader intellectual context.

Explore Your Options

We offer 8 different JSU Pathway options, ranging from JUSTICE to PHYSICAL, MENTAL, AND PUBLIC HEALTH.

Transfer and Readmit students have options to create ALTERNATIVE Pathways. 

Explore our Pathway options and discover which one is right for you!

Start Your Journey

Students navigate THEE PATHWAY with the assistance of ACADEMIC ADVISORS, FACULTY, and CLEAR DEGREE MAPS.

Students’ learning along THEE PATHWAY is supported by evidence-based strategies in the classroom, engagement beyond the classroom, and STUDENT SUCCESS SERVICES. 

Thee Pathway is integrated in all JSU degree programs. Review your degree maps to explore how your pathway is applied in your major.

  • Pathway courses are listed on each degree map as PATH.
  • General Education requirements are listed on each degree map as GEC

Get Involved With Thee Pathway

Thee Pathway provides engaging academic experiences for students, faculty, and staff.




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