“If no one cared, TRiO SSS cared. I joined TRIO Spring 2021, during my junior year and I am grateful that I was allowed the opportunity. TRIO blessed me with the opportunity to be a TRIO Peer Mentor and Tutor for my remaining time at JSU, which ultimately allowed me to be able to support myself financially and enhance my communication and social skills. TRIO SSS is a great program that open doors to very beneficial self-help workshops, scholarships and networking opportunities.”


ZyKerria Henderson

Class of Fall 2021



Student Support Services (SSS) is a federally funded TRiO program authorized by the U.S. Department of Education which provides support for first generation, income-restricted, and/or disabled scholars in an effort to increase participants’ persistence from one year to the next. SSS ultimately aims to provide a holistic and supportive environment designed to enhance student success resulting in graduation and aspirations to attend graduate school and/or obtain a career.

TRIO Student Support Services Logo

Program Services

TRIO SSS - Premier Logo

The TRIO SSS – Premier program mission is to provide academic, career and financial support to ALL scholars.

TRIO SSS STEM (General Logo)

The TRIO SSS – STEM program mission is to provide academic, career and financial support to STEM scholars.

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The TRIO SSS – STEM program mission is to provide academic, career and financial support to education scholars.


Eligibility is based on federally-funded criteria:

  • Required Income (Determined according to federal guidelines)
  • First-Generation College Student (Neither parent completed a 4-year degree)
  • Documented Disability


Each participant must also be:

  • US Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Currently enrolled JSU Student

“If you are looking for a group of people to keep you on task, TRIO Student Support Services is just that! The staff ensure you meet with academic advisors and Financial Aid advisors to be proactive in planning for the upcoming semesters; provide academic support and a host of career and professional development opportunities…the TRIO SSS staff does it all. They “apply pressure” every step of the way while also being there to guide and assist you through graduation.”


Keishawn Hunt

Senior, Spring 2022


Meet the TRiO Student Support Services (SSS) Staff

Tara N. Johnson
Executive Director of TRIO SSS Program



Office: (601) 979-3755

TRIO Student Support Services Advisor

Danielle Clay
Teacher Prep Coordinator



Office: (601) 979-1608

Tonjula Scott
Premier Coordinator



Office: (601) 979-1049

Alexis B. Watts
Budget Analyst



Office: (601) 979-3765

Alexis Austin

Alexis Austin
STEM Coordinator



Office: (601) 979-1054


Michelle Wilder
Administrative/Data Coordinator



Office: (601) 979-5023

“I have been a part of TRIO Student Support Services since my freshman year. This program has had a
major impact on my college journey. They have given me tools necessary to promote myself and be
successful in life. I have most benefited from the provided services, such as, financial assistance,
resume building, and just having a good “support system” while being away from home..”


Rayvan Green

Sophomore, Spring 2021




Greetings Tigers!


We are excited to invite you to join TRiO Student Support Services (SSS)! This program is designed to provide support for first-generation, income-restricted and/or disabled scholars in an effort to increase retention, persistence and graduation rates. SSS is committed to providing a strong foundation that will promote student achievement and success through a network of academic, social, and financial support. The mission is to provide quality, innovative, yet instructional programs and services to enhance student academic performance.


Participation and commitment is essential. We encourage you to take advantage of all TRiO SSS services and opportunities for growth and development. The TRiO SSS staff looks forward to providing the necessary support to transform your dreams into a reality. GRADUATION is just a commitment away! Let’s get it.


Tara N. Johnson


If you are a scholar in need of a community oriented program which provides wrap around support;

look no more! Student Support Services is where you want to be!

“Trio Student Support Services has been a tremendous support for me as a freshman. I have received
constant tutoring and assistance with assignments in several courses I was struggling in, such as, History
and Composition. The staff and services provided have shown to be a great asset to me regarding
academic support, staying on course, financial literacy and awareness of scholarships. The staff is
reliable, friendly, and funny! My experience with TRIO SSS has been great but most importantly they
will treat you like family and greet you with open arms.”


Dailon Ceasar

Freshman, Spring 2021