Dr. Anita K. Patlolla

Curriculum Vitae

PatlollaOffice: JAP Science Building – Rm 406

Email: anita.k.patlolla@jsums.edu

Phone: (601) 979-0210

Fax: (601)979-5358






  1. Ph.D., Jackson State University, Jackson, MS, 1997
  2. M.S., Osmania University, Hyderabad, AP, (India), 1989
  3. B.S., Osmania University, Hyderabad, AP, (India), 1988

Research Interests

  1. Toxicity of nanoparticles (Nanotoxicology)
  2. Toxicity of heavy metals and pesticides
  3. Genotoxicity Bioassay (Chromosomal aberrations, Micronucleus Test and Comet assay)
  4. Biochemical studies in different organs of an animal model exposed to heavy metals, pesticides and nanoparticles.
  5. Histopathological studies of different organs exposed to nanoparticles, heavy metals and pesticides.
  6. Mechanisms in molecular toxicology