Modern Foreign Languages – General Information


The Area of Modern Foreign Languages offers a program in foreign languages that includes the Master of Science in Secondary Education degree with a concentration in French and Spanish.

The design and intent of the concentrations of Modern Foreign Languages at Jackson State University are to offer training and opportunities for persons wishing to further their mastery of foreign language skills.

The Modern Foreign Language Area is furthermore committed to the continued education of para-professionals through the offering of special courses and workshops designed to increase their professional competencies.


This Area implements its programs in accordance with the certification requirements of the Mississippi State Department of Education and the standards of the Modern Language Association of America.

Program Objectives

  • To develop an awareness of the commitment to the importance of foreign language learning at all levels of education.
  • To become proficient in the systematic skill inherent in teaching Modern Foreign Languages.
  • To meet teacher certification requirements for the State of Mississippi and other states.
  • To become well-rounded in the related linguistic and humanistic disciplines and their application to the individual, to his profession, and to his society.
  • To interact for the purpose of personal growth with a multi-national faculty representing broad multicultural experiences with global perspective.
  • To prepare for advanced degrees.

Admission Requirements

To enter the Master of Science in Secondary Education with a concentration in French, Spanish or German, the incoming student must present a B.A. or B.S. degree in the language of concentration or credit hours equivalent to the number of hours required for majors in the above languages.