Department of History and Philosophy


Graduate Program

The History Department offers both the thesis and project options for the Master of Arts Degree. The areas of concentration for the degree include: Global, U.S., Public, and African Diaspora history.

Mission Statement

The Department of History and Philosophy offers students the opportunity to pursue a course of study that prepares them to enter a range of professional paths and careers. These potential careers include teaching from elementary to high school to junior college to the four year university. Additional professional forays are possible in research and scholarship enterprises, public and leadership service and a welter of other pursuits, all requiring a demonstrated knowledge, appreciation and application of the human historical experience in response to an ever-changing multi-cultural world.

The graduate History program’s area of concentration include American, African-American, Asian, African, Latin American, Public, Women’s and Disability History. In the areas of African-American, African Women’s, Public and Disability History, the department has an especially impressive curriculum as well as an assembled coterie of talented teaching research faculty.

Program Objectives

1. To use classroom instruction and relevant professional experiences, thereby, preparing majors to conduct historical research while acquiring the requisite knowledge, competencies and mastery essential to a history discipline concentration in a general liberal arts education.

2. To prepare students to either continue graduate study beyond the Master of Arts degree and/or engage in history related professional careers.

3. To prepare students to teach history in elementary and secondary schools and at the junior college level.

4. To serve the instructional needs of teachers, principals, and supervisors as required to maintain or improve their current teaching or leadership status.

5. To promote the scholarly study and investigation of the human historical experience as well as the dissemination of such research via both presentations at professional conferences and publication in the discipline.