Leadership Component


A plan to mentor female administrators for advancing to upper administration and female faculty interested in becoming administrators is proposed. Leadership mentoring relationships will be formed specifically for STEM-SBS women who are administrators seeking to advance into upper administration or faculty seeking to advance into administration at all levels.

In male dominated disciplines, male faculty may have greater opportunities to receive informal mentoring and support as they seek to move into administration or move into upper administration. Therefore, this component of JSU ADVANCE is targeted for female faculty in STEM-SBS disciplines. Here leadership opportunities will be structured to provide faculty release time so that a JSU ADVANCE fellow can spend a semester working in an upper administrative office at JSU, learning and being mentored. The President of JSU and co-PI has committed to supporting rotations through her office.

An announcement will be made publicizing this mentoring opportunity. A selection committee of Department Chairs and the Leadership Team will be formed to establish specific criteria and to select from interested candidates. One individual will be selected each year and will be paired with a member of the upper administration (Dean or above). The selected faculty member will be provided release time through this grant to spend a semester in the Administrator’s office working on a specific project of relevance to that office. Women faculty members already in administration will be assigned mentors to help them advance through upper administration. In addition, leadership workshops will be held and all STEM-SBS faculty members will be invited to participate.

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