Summer Writing Retreat

The Summer Writing Retreat facilitates the drafting, revision and completion of a research manuscript or grant proposal by eligible faculty members. Its goals are to foster the development of mutually supportive circles of productive researchers, to assist faculty in positioning themselves to attain tenure and/or promotion and to improve research productivity at JSU. Selection privileges women faculty members at JSU in the STEM and social and behavioral sciences disciplines.


Participants dedicate one summer to completion of a substantial grant proposal or research manuscript. Two weeks of that summer are spent in residence with the retreat–the first and the last week of the summer. Participants work independently during the remaining summer weeks. While in residence, participants dedicate several distraction-free hours per day to their projects; receive daily mentoring and coaching on their individual projects; engage in hands-on activities designed to improve technical writing skills for manuscripts and proposals; and attend information sessions focused on time management, tenure and promotion requirements and work-life balance. The first week ends with presentation of participants' work-in-progress and feedback from mentors and participants. The second week culminates in formal presentations by all participants. During the subsequent academic year, the program follows-up with a one-day workshop for participants.


The Summer Writing Retreat offers a summer stipend to participants who may not teach or otherwise be employed during the summer months. The program also pays all of the expenses of the retreat.


All Jackson State University full-time faculty in science, technology, engineering or mathematics disciplines as well as social and behavioral science disciplines are eligible to participate. The program exercises an initial preference for women faculty approaching tenure or promotion in those disciplines.


* Participation is required for both weeks.

* Teaching is not permitted during the summer period.

* Participants must present their research to the group including invited guests.

* A full proposal or a completed manuscript ready for submission to a funding agency or a refereed journal/conference proceeding will be required at the end of the summer.

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