Department of Mathematics & Statistical Sciences

Message from the Chair

The programs we offer in Mathematics & Statistical Sciences are comprehensive and will lead you to great career opportunities. If you join us you will grow to be a sophisticated mathematician. We acquaint you with the diverse areas of mathematics and mathematical sciences. You will discover the joy of learning mathematics. You will become a scholar. You will learn the beauty of mathematics as an art. As you go through this site, you will discover our academic programs and our supporting activities.

We offer programs leading to two bachelor’s degrees and two master’s degrees and award scholarships and provide financial support to our top students. We are in the College of Science, Engineering, and Technology and our students work with faculty and students from many other departments. We have a highly qualified, caring, and dedicated faculty, who will train you to become the best mathematician you can be.

We offer the teaching of mathematics degree for those interested in teaching mathematics at the high school or junior college level. As a mathematician you Picture4can have careers in medical and pharmaceutical companies, high tech industries, and Wall Street Market trading.

Mathematics is both challenging and fine. To succeed, you will have to work hard and study diligently. We know you can do it and we are ready to help you. We urge you to come to Jackson State University and choose a major in mathematics.




If you have  questions about Jackson State University’s Mathematics Program, please call 601-979-2161 or email us at