Department of Mathematics & Statistical Sciences


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Our collaborators will help researchers collect data through well-designed experiments, analyze data through various popular statitical software (including R, SAS, SPSS, MINITAB, JMP, etc.), understand analysis results from software. Collaborators will also help researches present the results through tables and graphs, draw conclusions or inferences statistically and interpret to audience who maybe not experts in statistics.

The following is a list of common areas of collaboration we may provide:

  1. Experimental Design
  2. Computational Statistics
  3. Regression Analysis
  4. General Data Evaluation (to suggest researchers to adopt suitable statistical methods for Economic, Financial, Environmental,  Sports data as well as data sets from other research fields)
  5. Mathematical Statistics and Probability
  6. Multivariate Analysis
  7. Nonparametric Analysis
  8. Time Series
  9. Biostatistics
  10. Statistics Training Workshops


LISA-QED of JSU provides 10 hours free collaboration and consultation services a semester for JSU faculty, staff and students. Collaboration of a project more than 10 hours may also be provided with a co-authorship of joint publications. 

We also provide collaboration and consultation services for local institutions, companies and organizations.