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Prospective Students

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LISA-QED of JSU provides statistics training to our students in the Deparment of Mathematics and Statistics. Students working in LISA of JSU will gain multidisciplinary research experience with other researchers.  Since statistics is widely used in many fields including science, technology, engineering, economics, psychology, finance, sports, etc., so our students will have chances to learn how to conduct statistical analysis on many different real data sets and enhance their abilities of doing research or working in industry for their future careers. 

  1. Students will be trained to learn how to use statistical software packages including  R, SAS, SPSS, Minitab, JMP, etc.
  2. Students will be engaged in providing the walk-in consulting services, collaboration of research projects.
  3. Ph.D. students may need to host brief workshops for some common statistical topics.
  4. Students are encouraged to present their research at the Joint Statistical Meetings every year.