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Statistics workshops and seminars are given regularly to serve JSU faculty, staff and students. Workshops can also be given to researchers in other institutions or organizations per request.

Schedule of Upcoming Workshops in JSH 125

  1. An Introductory SAS, Nov 2 Wed @ 9:00-10:00, Dr. Ningning Wang : This workshop will provide overview of the SAS System, as well as an outline of basic structure of SAS programing language. In particular, it covers preliminary concepts regarding DATA and PROC steps, the different kinds of data, and SAS data files. This workshop is intended to provide a foundation for the next step of learning how to create and manipulate data set and how to clean big data in DATA procedures
  2. Introduction to R, Nov 9 Wed @ 1:00-2:00 pm, Dr. Xing Yang: This workshop will cover basic arithmetic operations, variables, sets, plots/graphs, vectors, matrices, data frames, lists, read/write data files, missing data, characters and strings, definitions of functions and basic commands for programming in R.
  3. Descriptive statistics using SAS Nov 16 Wed @ 9:00-10:00, Dr. Ningning Wang: This workshop illustrates how to obtain basic descriptive statistics using SAS. It includes (1) calculate mean, median, min, max, quartile, inter-quartile range, five-number summary for quantitative data,(2) plot box plot, histogram, normal curve for quantitative data; (3) frequency table, bar graph, and pie chart for categorical data. 
  4. Introduction to Statistics and Descriptive Statistics Using R, Nov 30 Wed @ 1:00-2:00 pm, Dr. Xing Yang: This workshop will introduce definitions of basic statistical terms including population, sample, variable, parameter, and statistic. It will also cover descriptive statistics including mean, median, min, max, range, quartile/quantile, inter-quartile range, five-number summary, box plot, histogram, etc. in R.