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Program Mission


The mission of the Ph.D. program in Business is to develop outstanding scholars in the fields of business with the ability to investigate and develop solutions to issues and problems in their areas of specialization, their communities, their state, the nation and the world.

Program Objectives


The Ph.D. program in Business is designed to add to the theoretical knowledge base and other skills acquired at the master’s level and to develop outstanding scholars in their respective fields of study. The program offers three concentrations: accounting, economics and management.


The specific objectives of the Ph.D. program are:

  1. To establish or ensure that students possess the required academic foundations necessary to pursue doctoral studies in business;
  2. To expose students to the classical as well as the most current research methodologies in their respective fields;
  3. To provide students with advanced theoretical, analytical and research training in their given fields of study, namely, accounting, economics and management;
  4. To develop academic scholars who will use their knowledge and skills to investigate issues and problems facing their communities and to develop appropriate solutions to those problems;
  5. To prepare students for careers in university teaching and research.

Admission Requirements

The Ph.D. program offers admission to students from a diverse academic background with the potential to become excellent teachers and researchers.  The program requires applicants to have completed a master’s degree from an accredited college or university.

  • Application to the Graduate School;
  • Undergraduate and Graduate Transcripts from all colleges and universities attended;
  • Master’s Degree from and Accredited Institution
  • Scores from the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT).  GMAT scores older than five years are not acceptable;
  • Three letters of recommendation;
  • A Statement of career Plans and Objectives


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