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Master’s Degree to Doctoral Candidates

Awarding a Master’s Degree (MBA or MPA) to Doctoral Candidates

Periodically, the program admits students with a master’s degree outside the field of Business.  Those students, upon matriculation, must complete the graduate business core requirements before enrolling in the typical doctoral curriculum.  An option is hereby extended to those students to apply for an MBA following completion of an additional six credit- hours beyond the graduate business core (24 credit hours).  The transcripts of those students must be evaluated by the MBA advisor to ensure completion of the typical MBA requirements.  During the semester of application for the MBA degree, the student must enroll as a Master student to be processed for the MBA degree.  Following completion and award of the MBA, the student will be permitted to re-enlist in the doctoral program to complete the requirements for the Ph.D. degree.  Doctoral students who wish to apply for an MPA must satisfy the MPA core in addition to the graduate business core.