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Business Graduate Program
College of Business


The Business Graduate Programs unit administers all graduate degree programs offered by the College of Business: the Master of Business Administration (MBA), the MBA On-line, the Master of Professional Accountancy (MPA), the MPA Online, and the Ph.D. Program in Business, Accounting, Economics, and Management.

Doctoral Curriculum

Doctoral Curriculum

The doctoral curriculum consists of 60 to 66 semester hours of course work, which includes: 18 to 24 semester hours in the area of concentration, 6 to 9 semester hours in a supporting field, 12 semester hours of research methods, 3 semester hours of teaching methods, and 21 semester hours of dissertation research.

Types of Courses Number of Semester Hours
Research Core Requirements ( 4 courses) 12 credit hours
Major Field Requirements ( 6 to 8 courses) 18 to 24 credit hours
Minor/Supporting Field Requirement (2 or 3 courses) 6 to 9 credit hours
Teaching Methods (1 course) 3 credit hours
Dissertation Research Requirement 21 credit hours
Total 60 to 66 credit hours

Following satisfactory completion of the course work requirements, each student must pass a comprehensive examination in his/her concentration and successfully defend a dissertation proposal and a final dissertation in front of the dissertation committee and the department’s faculty.  Students are awarded the Ph.D. degree after successful completion of the doctoral curriculum and all other university requirements.


The College of Business at Jackson State University is proud to collaborate with the Deloitte Foundation to champion diverse talent entering the CPA profession.

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Graduate Studies

MBA Curriculum

MBA Curriculum

MPA Curriculum

MPA Curriculum


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Business Graduate Programs
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