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Executive Ph.D. Program in Urban Higher Education
College of Education and Human Development


The Executive Ph.D. Program (EPhD) in Urban Higher Education at Jackson State University (JSU) prepares students to assume senior leadership roles in post-secondary institutions and other organizations whose primary endeavors relate to or impact the operations of institutions of higher learning.


Our Executive PhD in Urban Higher Education program is proud to feature a distinguished and accomplished faculty team. Comprising experts from various disciplines within higher education, our faculty members are dedicated to guiding, mentoring, and inspiring our students to excel in their academic and professional pursuits. Here are some highlights of our faculty:

  1. Expertise: Our faculty members bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the program. With backgrounds in educational leadership, urban studies, policy analysis, and more, they offer a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities in urban higher education.

  2. Research Prowess: Many of our faculty are recognized for their groundbreaking research contributions to the field. Their research informs policy, shapes practice, and addresses critical issues affecting urban higher education institutions.

  3. Mentorship: Our faculty are committed to fostering a collaborative and supportive learning environment. Through one-on-one mentorship, they guide students in their research endeavors, career aspirations, and leadership development.

  4. Industry Engagement: Our faculty members maintain strong ties to the higher education community, ensuring that the program remains relevant and aligned with industry needs. Their connections offer students unique opportunities for networking and real-world insights.

  5. Innovation: With a finger on the pulse of emerging trends and innovative approaches in higher education, our faculty guide students in exploring new paradigms and strategies to address urban challenges.

  6. Diversity: Our faculty represent a diverse range of backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences. This diversity enriches the academic discourse and encourages students to think critically and inclusively.

  7. Passion: Above all, our faculty are passionate about education and the potential it has to transform lives and communities. Their enthusiasm is contagious, inspiring students to approach their studies with dedication and curiosity.

At our Executive PhD in Urban Higher Education program, our faculty is more than just educators – they are mentors, collaborators, and partners in your academic journey. Their commitment to excellence, research, and innovation sets the foundation for an enriching and transformative learning experience.



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Jackson, MS 39204


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