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Executive Ph.D. Program in Urban Higher Education
College of Education and Human Development


The Executive Ph.D. Program (EPhD) in Urban Higher Education at Jackson State University (JSU) prepares students to assume senior leadership roles in post-secondary institutions and other organizations whose primary endeavors relate to or impact the operations of institutions of higher learning.

Required Documents

Required Graduate Documentation
Required Executive Ph.D. Program Documents to Complete the Graduate Application

Experience, Skills and Interest Survey: Answer questions 1-8 in one document. Please use the upload function to deliver your responses to the following items in Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format.

1.What is your current job title? What is the amount of the budget under your supervision?
2.How many people do you supervise?
3.What position(s) do you aspire to hold immediately in the short term and ultimately in the long term?
4.What are your expectations of the program and how can the EPhD help you reach your goals?
5.Give your definition of catalyst leadership within the urban or metropolitan context.
6.Please explain your level of proficiency in online learning and other experience with distance education.
7.List any additional topics you are interested in as related to catalyst leadership in an urban or metropolitan setting as well as any particular areas of weaknesses you would like to study in more depth.
8.Briefly: (a) state your research problem, (b) explain its significance to urban higher education and (c) state your proposed dissertation topic in 13 words or less.

Statement of Purpose
State how you believe the EPhD program will help you achieve your professional goals and research agenda. Please include in your statement how your previous graduate work relates to urban higher education. Using the definition of “catalyst” as a person who acts for or on something, indicate what type of civic or community experience you have in an urban environment (1500 words, font size 12).

Proposed Research
Explain your proposed research topic, discuss your problem statement, research questions and/or hypothesis, the population you expect to survey (preliminary design/methodology), and how this problem relates to urban higher education. Include at least 5 refereed references (preliminary literature review) that support the need to address your research topic (2500 words, font size 12).

Directions for References
References should come from three (3) professional persons who are knowledgeable of the applicant’s professional academic ability, job experiences, leadership potential and availability to participate in the program. A reference from the President or Chief Executive Officer will strengthen the
application. Persons submitting references will need to submit the form to:  directly from the source (reference person). Provide this link to your reference persons: Executive PhD In Urban Higher Education – Reference Form



Student Success

EPHD Courses and Meeting Dates

Important Dates



For more information, please contact us at (601) 979- 1811.  We look forward to meeting with you and seeing how our program can help you achieve your goals.



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