Tuition and Fee Sheet 

Three (3) semesters per year: Fall, Spring and Summer

In-State Fees Per Semester – $7,886.50:  

      Tuition ($4,135.00), Participatory Fees ($3,664.00), and Mandatory Fees Capitol Improvement ($52.50); Student Activity ($25.00); Printing ($10.00)

Out-of-State Fees Per Semester – $8,386.50:  

      Tuition ($4,135.00 plus $500 Out-of-State Fees = $4,635.00), Participatory Fees ($3,664.00), and Mandatory Fees [Capitol Improvement ($52.50); Student Activity ($25.00); Printing ($10.00)]

(Tuition levels are subject to increase annually. IHL Approved for Fall 2019). Fees include: tuition, lodging, books, information materials, shuttle service from hotel to class site, parking, meals, and other related monthly fees associated with class periods from Thursday through Saturday, (and when classes are required on Sunday). Travel costs to and from Jackson are assumed by the student. All students are required to reside in the selected housing facility during the entire period for all on-site classes, Thursday through Saturday.  

Financial Aid:  Students who wish to apply for financial aid must be admitted to the Division of Graduate Studies as degree seeking students. Students admitted to the EPhD program are then eligible to apply for the Stafford Loan. The priority deadline for Financial Aid is April 15 (refer to The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at The code for Jackson State University is 002410.

How to Apply