Executive PhD in Urban Higher Education



Visiting Scholars, Practitioners and Executives:
The EPhD Program provides an integration of faculty expertise from academic, executive and practitioner perspectives. Current faculty will facilitate primarily the teaching of the modules throughout the academic program of study. However, other nationally known and prominent scholars will lecture and present on topics of present and future relevance to urban settings. The combination of the faculty, within the context of trans-disciplinary subject matter, provides a unique educational experience for the students.

Visiting scholars and executives may be invited from other institutions.

Sample Extracurricular Activities:

Hampton University
Steppingstones to Leadership

Gospel at Colonus
Mind, Body and Spirit

Jake Ayers Annual Debate
Cultural Diversity

Mississippi Delta Field Trip
Action Research Tour

Pace University
Linking Technology with Higher Education

New York City
Julius Caesar on Broadway

Urban Education Conference
Research Presentations

Abroad Collaboration with University Of Southern Mississippi
Abbey Program Pontelevoy, France

Ana G. Mendez University System
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Universidad Internacional (UNINTER)
Cuernavaca Morelos, Mexico

University of Toronto 
Toronto, Canada

University of British Columbia
Vancouver, Canada

University of the West Indies
Port of Spain, Trindad and Tobago