Executive PhD in Urban Higher Education

Course Titles and Modules



The Program offers courses on a cohort basis each semester. The EPhD requires the completion of a
minimum of 72 hours.


Professional Specialization Core (15 hours)

EDHE 814 Leadership in Higher Education 3.0
EDHE 824 Student Affairs Administration 3.0
EDHE 825 Methods of Urban and Regional Analysis and Planning 3.0
EDHE 877 Public Policy Formulation/Current Issues 3.0
EDHE 882 Seminar in Program Development, Implementation, and Evaluation 3.0 3.0

Higher Education Core (18 hours)

EDHE 800 Philosophy and History of Urban Higher Education 3.0
EDHE 802 Higher Education Leadership & Organization in Cross-Culture 3.0
EDHE 804 Higher Education Futures: Strategic Planning and Development 3.0
EDHE 805 Globalization of Higher Education 3.0
EDHE 829 Legal Aspects of Higher Education 3.0
EDHE 865 Higher Education Finance 3.0

Statistics and Research Methods Component (15 hours)

EDHE 812 Quantitative Research Methods 3.0
EDHE 813 Qualitative Research Methods 3.0
EDHE 820 Advanced Statistical Methods 3.0
EDHE 830 Advanced Qualitative Research Methods 3.0
EDHE 833 Research Based Methods (Advanced Qualitative Methods) 3.0

Dissertation Research

EDHE 899 Dissertation/Literature Review 12.0

Cognate Transfer Component


12 hours of previous graduate work must be approved for transfer before admission is granted
to enhance the cognate area of interest and to complement the cores.