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Executive Ph.D. Program in Urban Higher Education
College of Education and Human Development


The Executive Ph.D. Program (EPhD) in Urban Higher Education at Jackson State University (JSU) prepares students to assume senior leadership roles in post-secondary institutions and other organizations whose primary endeavors relate to or impact the operations of institutions of higher learning.

Why the Executive Ph.D.?

Institutional Rationale and Individual Reasons for Pursuing the EPhD @JSU For Administrators, “See All the Sides” Engage in compelling transdisciplinary discussions and compelling dialogue about institutional changes on the horizon that will shape the acceleration of catalytical transformation in future higher education.


Build on your professorial role in higher education leadership by acquiring the new fundamental skill sets, competencies, and attributes to become a successful administrator in higher education.


Renew your career by culminating your professional development with continued growth and by gaining new insight about leadership through a capstone doctoral experience that will have everlasting impact of lifelong influence.


Gain new knowledge, comprehension, and understanding about the unfolding administrative issues that surround and impact the research, teaching and service in the future post secondary classroom.


Become part of a modern community of practice and collegial network that embraces your creativity, imagination and innovation to resolve problems in higher education leadership with research, confront new developments and challenges through research, and plan for positive change in the academy for research.


General Requirements

Program Requirements

  1. Accepted application from the Graduate School
  2. A Master’s degree from an accredited university
  3. Minimum three-years experience preferred
  4. A completed EPhD program application
  5. Two official  transcripts for all regionally accredited colleges and universities attended.
  6. A satisfactory score on the GMAT, GRE or MAT within the last five years.
  7. References should come from three (3) professional persons who are knowledgeable of the applicant’s professional academic ability, job experiences, leadership potential and availability to participate in the program. A reference from the President or  Chief Executive Officer will strengthen the application. The  applicant must provide the link to his/her reference person for submission to to: . The requested reference form must be signed and submitted electronically by the author. The applicant’s name should be in the subject line.
    1. Executive PhD In Urban Higher Education – Reference Form
  8.  A clear statement of purpose and proposed research
  9.  A successful interview with the program screening committee
  10.  Recommendation for admission by the screening committee
  11.  Upon admission, a non-refundable $1,000 deposit will be required to hold your spot. This deposit will be applied to your Fall tuition. 


Note: Students accepted in this program must be able to transfer a minimum of twelve (12) semester hours from previous graduate work to complement the core area. Approval is required by the program faculty before being admitted formally to the program. Admission will be limited to a diverse cohort of 15-25 participants from higher education faculty, mid/entry level executive personnel in higher education and other human service related sectors.


Professional Specialization Core

EDHE 814 Leadership in Higher Education 3
EDHE 824 Student Affairs Administration 3
EDHE 825 Methods of Urban and Regional Analysis and Planning 3
EDHE 877 Public Policy Formulation 3
EDHE 882 Seminar in Program Development, Implementation, and Evaluation 3
Total Hours 15

Higher Education Core

EDHE 800 Philosophy and History of Urban Higher Education 3
EDHE 802 Higher Education Administration & Theory in Cross Cultural Environments 3
EDHE 804 Higher Education Futures: Strategic Planning and Development 3
EDHE 805 Globalization of Higher Education 3
EDHE 829 Legal Aspects of Higher Education 3
EDHE 865 Higher Education Finance 3
Total Hours 18

Statistics and Research Methods Component

EDHE 812 Quantitative Research Methods 3
EDHE 813 Qualitative Research Methods 3
EDHE 820 Advanced Statistical Methods 3
EDHE 830 Advanced Qualitative Research Methods 3
EDHE 833 Research Design 3
Total Hours 15

EDHE 899 Dissertation/Literature Review 12
Cognate Transfer Component 12 

Total Hours 72



The Executive Ph. D. Program (EPhD) in Urban Higher Education is intended to prepare executives,  middle/senior managers and other institutional leaders in higher education and related human services agencies to respond effectively to the challenges posed by urban and metropolitan communities in a pluralistic society undergoing sustained social, economic and political change.

The EPhD Cohort Model
This program is designed on the cohort model which requires all admitted students to complete the same courses from beginning to end or a 24-month period. Although culminating dissertation development is finalized in the latter stages of doctoral studies, the preparation, planning and refining of the dissertation is interwoven throughout the 24 months. Students will be required to develop a two-year plan which identifies a balance between their coursework and professional work duties at their home/host institution or agency. It is imperative that this plan is developed to facilitate high performance and sustainable productivity in the
student’s life during enrollment in this program.

The EPhD cohort model represents a cadre of committed colleagues who enroll in, and graduate from, an  accelerated research-based doctoral program collectively– matriculating in a rigorously planned and intensely prescribed academic program of study according to a signed agreement and a related pledge agreed upon by  each student in the cohort.

The EPhD cohort model requires students to carefully and diligently plan ahead. The model promotes
collegiality, interdependence, networking and camaraderie among students for a lifetime. The Cohort model is designed for adult learners who are working professionals and can persevere as well as endure the rigors of the program toward personal and professional growth. 

The EPhD program is offered in the College of Education and Human Development which is accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). Both the College of Education and Human Development, and Jackson State University are accredited by the Southern Association for Schools and
Colleges (SACSCOC). To date, there is no agency or organization for accrediting programs in higher education at the doctoral level. Students who successful complete the EPhD program will meet the standards and requirements set by CAEP and SACSCOC.


The program aims to develop scholars, practitioners, researchers, and other professionals who will receive advanced knowledge and skill sets relative to urban higher education. Students will be required to complete 72 hours of course work which includes 12 hours from previous graduate work that must be approved before admission is granted, in order to enhance the cognate area of interest and complement the core.

“Challenging Minds, Changing Lives.”


Students master core knowledge in the field of higher education and develop a high level of analytical (quantitative and qualitative) research skills, complemented by an extensive breadth of relevant leadership knowledge in management, planning, and policy. Faculty and administrators associated with the program are committed to the continuous pursuit of knowledge in the Discipline through demonstrated scholarship, effective delivery of instruction, and professional service in their fields and community.


College President Provost Chancellor
Higher Education Administrator Academic Dean Chief Learning Officer



Student Success

EPHD Courses and Meeting Dates

Important Dates



For more information, please contact us at (601) 979- 1811.  We look forward to meeting with you and seeing how our program can help you achieve your goals.



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