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Facilities and Construction Management

Training and Workshops

Need a quick refresher? Access instructions anytime on how to submit and check on the status of service requests via iService Desk, how to reserve a vehicle, and managing assigned inventory. Just click on the the following PowerPoint link. 

Quick Facts

  • We employ over 50 people and manage 220 acres
  • 2,167,519 square feet of E&G university space
  • 2,646,070 total gross square feet (E&G & Non-E&G space)
  • Over 55 buildings

FCM is also pleased to offer the following seven in-person training workshops for administrators, faculty, and staff:

Defensive Driving Course

This training is an IHL requirement for staff planning to use a university vehicle; as defined in the Jackson State University Staff Handbook, Section 4.13.9 regarding eligible drivers.

Golf Cart Training

This training is provided to inform and promote employee and pedestrian safety when operating university golf carts.

iService Desk Training

This training is intended to inform and assist employees in understanding the online process of requesting FCM services, checking the status of requests, and approval routing requirements.

Make-a-Reservation/Vehicle Request

This training is intended to inform and assist employees in the process of requesting the use of a university vehicle for JSU trips and events, along with JSU and state policies for vehicle usage.

Property Management Policies and Procedures

This training is intended to inform and assist employees in better understanding Property Management’s university-based process for handling inventory, direct deliveries, equipment disposals, and interdepartmental property transfers.

Facilities and Construction Management


833 Walter Payton Drive
P.O. Box 17460
Jackson, MS 39217

Phone: (601) 979-2522
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