Most paperwork that you have to fill out (for the University, banks, Driver’s License, etc.) ask for your Social Security Number (SNN). As an international student, you will not have  a SSN unless you are employed. There are other documents that can be requested as a proof of identification. Whenever facing this problem, explain to the person that you are an international student and do not have a SSN and ask for an alternative.


Some banks allow international students to open a bank account without having a SSN. Two noteable banks are Wells Fargo and Bankplus.  Please note that BankPlus is right next to campus and that Wells Fargo has an office downtown (less than 5 minutes away from campus).

Wells Fargo

Required documents

  • Passport
  • International driver’s license not expired or credit/ debit card
Renee A Duberville
One Jackson Place
188 E Capitol St Suite 100
Jackson, MS  39201
W: (601) 503-1041
F:  (601) 503-1029
*Incoming international wire fee: $16



Required documents  

  • Visa or US Driver’s License or US ID
  • Passport
  • I-20 Form for the college which they attend
Courtney Waits
912 Dalton Street
Jackson, MS 39203
Office: 601-364-9386
Fax: 601-364-9377


JSU students are not required to get health insurance. Nevertheless, coverage is recommended. JSU has an agreement with Associated Insurance Plan to provide coverage for international students. There are also several companies that provide coverage.


IPO recommends obtaining a Mississippi ID or driver’s license to use as a proof of identification that you can always carry with you. If you are a non-U.S. citizen, you must meet all other requirements for obtaining an operator’s license or identification card except for providing a social security card. The license or identification card will be valid as determined by the applicant’s length of stay or 1 year. You must present valid immigration papers, including a birth certificate (translated by a state run university or an approved translator), passport, I-94 print out, proof of domicile and alien resident card (if you have one).

Contact Information:
Mississippi Department of Public Safety
1900 E. Woodrow Wilson Avenue
Jackson, MS 39205
Phone Number: (601) 987-1281
Alternate Phone: (601) 987-1282

*** At IPO we will translate your birth certificate from most languages for free. Some languages have a $20 fee. Please check with our Translator [Contact info on page 5] and note that the process can take up to 7 business days.