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Steps To Studying Abroad

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There are several steps to studying abroad at Jackson State University. When considering these steps, please note that the steps faculty-led study abroad and independent study have some differences. 

Qualification For Study Abroad

1. 2.5 or higher GPA (undergrad) / 3.0 or higher GPA (graduate)

2. Have completed two full semesters at JSU and achieved sophomore standing. Must have completed one semester of graduate courses.

3. Be in good standing with the University. Students on disciplinary probation are not eligible.

4. Two letters of recommendations (not needed for the faculty-led programs).

Faculty-Led Programs

Step 1: Visit JSU Global's website to review the faculty-led programs that are being offered.

Step 2: Apply for one of the faculty-led programs. (Click here for list of programs)

Step 3: After receiving an email saying that you've been selected, meet with academic and financial aid advisers to ensure that the course will count towards graduation and that you will be able to use your financial aid to pay for study abroad.

Step 4:  Contact the faculty-leader and have them enroll you in their course.

Step 5: Attend the "Financing Your Study Abroad" session.

Independent Study Abroad

Step 1: Schedule an advising / discovery session with the study abroad coordinator.

Step 2: Meet with both academic and financial aid advisers to complete advising session forms.

Step 3: Schedule a follow up meeting with the study abroad coordinator.

Step 4: Start online application process.

Step 5: Apply for passport.

Step 6: Apply for scholarships and funding opportunities.

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