Contact Information for Graduate Programs

Contact Information for JSU’s Graduate Programs


Accounting M.P.A. Dr. Bobbie Daniels

Dr. O. Anyamele

(601) 979-2708

(601) 979-6631

Biology M.S. Dr. Ibrahim Farah

Dr. T. Turner

(601) 979-3466

(601) 979-2586
Bus.  Administration (traditional & online) M.B.A. Dr. F. Harrison

Dr. O. Anyamele

(601) 979-2604

(601) 979-6631

Business (Graduate Programs) M.B.A., Ph.D. Dr. O. Anyamele (601) 979-6631
Chemistry & Biochemistry M.S., Ph.D. Dr. Mehri Fadavi

Dr. Dalephine Davis

(601) 979-2171


Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Dr. P. Banks

Dr. J. Schweitzer

(601) 979-5990

(601) 979-2371

Communicative Disorders M.S. Dr. L. Vaughan-Robinson (601) 979-8826
Comp. and Data-Enabled Science Ph.D. Dr. T. Kwembe (601) 979-2161
Computer Science M.S. Dr. April L. Tanner (601) 979-3302
Criminal Justice and Sociology M.A. Dr. S. Fageir (601) 979-1756
Early Childhood M.S.Ed., Ed.D. Dr. William Brown (601) 979-3412
Educational Administration

(K-12 & Higher Education Concentration)

Ph.D. (HEd)


Dr. Albert Carter

Dr. J. Young Wallace

(601) 979-1140

(601) 979-0352
Educational Administration and Supervision  M.S. Dr. Albert Carter (601) 979-1140
Educational Administration and Supervision

(K-12 & Higher Education Concentration)

Ed.S. (HEd)


Dr. Albert Carter (601) 979-1140
Elementary Education M.S.Ed., Ed.S. Dr. P. Kennedy

Dr. T. Harris

(601) 979-3131


Engineering (Civil and Environmental) M.S., Ph.D. Dr. F. Amini (601)979-3922
Engineering (Electrical and Computer) M.S., Ph.D. Dr. M. Manzoul (601)979-3923
English M.A., Dr. R. Smith-Spears (601)979-2250
Environmental Science Ph.D. Dr. P. Tchounwou (601)973-3321
Hazardous Materials Management M.S. Dr. H. Shih

Dr. F. Amini


Health, Physical Education and Recreation M.S.Ed. Dr. James Robinson (601)979-8696
History M.A. Dr. M. Bernhardt (601)979-2191
Mass Communications

(Journalism & Media Studies)

M.S. Dr. E. Anthony

Dr. L.A. Chang


Mathematics and Statistical Sciences M.S. Dr. T. Kwembe (601)979-2161
Music Education M.M.Ed. Dr. D. Ware (601)979-2886
Political Science M.A. Dr. R. Mikell (601) 979-2136
Public Administration Ph.D. Dr. J. Gilleylen (601) 979-8786
Public Health Dr.P.H.


Dr. R. Bennett

Dr. S. Leggett

(601) 979-8822

(601) 979-8846

Public Policy and Administration M.P.P.A. Dr. G. Billingsley (601) 979-8784
Reading Education (traditional and online) M.S.Ed. Dr. P. Kennedy (601) 979-3131
School, Community and Rehabilitation Counseling M.S., M.S.Ed, Ed.S. Dr. D. Porter (601) 979-2361
Secondary Education M.S.Ed. Dr. L. Opara-Nadi (601) 979-2762
Social Work (traditional and online) M.S.W. Dr. P. Jenkins (601) 979-8897
Social Work Ph. D. Dr. J. Lee (601) 979-8847
Special Education M.S. Dr. Deidre L. Wheaton (601) 979-1164
Sports Science (traditional and online) M.S. Dr. James Robinson (601)979-8696
Teaching (Alternate Route) M.A.T. Dr. D. Williams (601) 979-2439
Teaching (Alternate Route-online) M.A.T. Dr. D. Williams (601) 979-2439
Technology Education M.S.Ed. Dr. J. Murphy (601) 979-1145
Urban and Regional Planning M.A., Ph.D. Dr. Berneece Herbert (601) 979-8732
Urban Higher Education Executive Ph.D. Dr. W. Brown (601) 979-2434 walter.a.brown@jsums.ed


Academic College  Deans and Associate Deans


College Of Business Dr. Fidelis Ikem
(601) 979-2411
Dr. Sheila Porterfield
Associate Dean
College Of Education And
Human Development
Dr. Roosevelt Shelton
(601) 979-2433
Dr. Locord Wilson
Interim Associate Dean
Dr. Millard Bingham
Interim Associate Dean
College Of Liberal Arts Dr. Candis Pizzetta
Interim Dean
College Of Health Sciences Dr. Girmay Berhie
Dr. Isiah Marshal
Associate Dean
College Of Science, Engineering,
And Technology
Dr. Wilbur Walters