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The purposes of the Graduate Curriculum Committee are to:

  • to monitor and review quality measures relating to new and existing graduate programs,
  • to recommend minimum academic standards, and
  • to recommend approval of new curricula based on generally accepted practices of graduate education.


  • The Committee shall consist of nine (9) members and one (1) ex-officio member.
  • One (1) graduate faculty member shall be elected from each academic college. Graduate faculty members are elected for a one year term.
  • The Chief Advisor of the Graduate Student Association shall select two graduate students (master-level and doctoral). Graduate students are elected for a one year term.
  • The Graduate Dean shall select the ex-officio member.


The officers of the Committee shall consist of a chairperson and a secretary, both of whom are to be elected by the membership of the Committee for a one year term.


There shall be regular meetings of the Committee. The number of meetings will depend on the nature and the amount of work put before the committee.


As an instructional committee, the Graduate Curriculum Committee shall report to the Graduate Council. Minutes of the meeting shall be kept as part of the official records of the committee and copies shall be sent to the Dean of the Division of Graduate Studies.


Professional Education Council: Curriculum actions are reported to the Graduate Council for information purposes.

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