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Division of Graduate Studies

Graduate Council Members

The Graduate Council is responsible for the development and coordination of general policies and procedures for graduate programs and the maintenance of uniform standards for the admission of students and for the awarding of graduate degrees. It is, therefore, the responsible body to recommend, initiate, develop, and approve graduate programs. Acting with the Graduate Dean, it may initiate plans for improvement of graduate instruction, set standards for the Graduate Faculty, and, in general, oversee the proper functioning of the Division of Graduate Studies. The Graduate Council consists of a representative, usually the Department Chair, from each department and program offering graduate degrees. At the Annual University Fall Faculty Seminar, an additional representative from each School is elected for one year by the assembled graduate faculty. The Graduate Dean also appoints for one or two-year terms additional members from the faculty at large in order to ensure balanced representation. Two graduate students are appointed by the Dean for one year. These representatives act in an advisory capacity and are charged with the transmittance to their departments of the deliberations of the Graduate Council and are also charged to bring recommendations to the Council. During the academic year, the Graduate Council meets during the following months: October, November, February, and April. Special meetings of the Council may be called by the Dean or by a majority of the Council members.

Graduate Council Members

Graduate Council Members



College of Business

Dr. Okechukwu Anyamele/Dr. Sheila Porterfield, Business Graduate Programs


College of Education and Human Development

Dr. Walter Brown, Urban Higher Education

Dr. Tracy Harris, Elementary and Early Childhood Education

Dr. Gwendolyn Dawkins, Health, Physical Education, & Recreation

Dr. Dion Porter, Counseling, Rehabilitation and Psychometric Services

Dr. Ron Walker, Educational Leadership

Dr. Dennis Williams, Teaching (Alternate Route)

Dr. Deidre Wheaton/Dr. Glenda Windfield, Special Education


College of Liberal Arts 

Dr. Lisa Beckley-Roberts/Dr. David Ware, Music

Dr. Marion Azevedo/Dr. Mark Bernhardt, History and Philosophy

Dr. Elayne Anthony/Dr. Li-jing Chang, Journalism and Media Studies

Dr. Etta Morgan, Criminal Justice and Sociology

Dr. Ebony Lumumba, English, Foreign Languages, & Speech Communication

Dr. Bessie House-Soremekun, Political Science

Dr. Pamela Banks/Dr. Juliette Schweitzer, Clinical Psychology

Dr. Johnny Gilleylen/Dr. Gloria Billingsley, Public Policy and Administration


College of Science, Engineering and Technology

Dr. Farshad Amini, Industrial Systems and Technology

Dr. Tor Kwembe, Mathematical and Statistical Science and Computational and Data-Enabled Science and Engineering

Dr. Mahmoud Manzoul, Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering

Dr. Jessica Murphy, Educational Technology

Dr. April Tanner, Computer Science

Dr. Paul Tchounwou, Environmental Science

Dr. Timothy Turner, Biology

Dr. Berneece Herbert/Dr. Talya Thomas/Edward Merem, Urban & Regional Planning


College of Health Sciences

Dr. Joyce Buckner-Brown, Health Policy & Management/Healthcare Administration

Dr. Brandi Newkirk-Turner, Communicative Disorders

Dr. Marinelle Payton, Epidemiology & Biostatistics

Dr. Mary Shaw, Behavioral & Environmental Health

Dr. Isiah Marshall, Mr. Mark Roth, Social Work



Dr. Jean-Claude Assad

Dr. Juette Millard Bingham

Dr. Jeton McClinton

Dr. Ifedayo Ogungbe


Ex-Officio Members

Mr. Thomas Hudson, Esquire, President

Dr. Alisa L. Mosley, Provost and Vice-President for Academic Affairs

Dr. Fidelis Ikem, College of Business

Dr. Roosevelt Shelton, College of Education and Human Development

Dr. Candis L. Pizzetta, College of Liberal Arts

Dr. Wilbur Walters, College of Science, Engineering and Technology

Dr. Girmay Berhie, College of Health Sciences

Dr. Locord Wilson, Library and Information Resources

Important Dates

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Division of Graduate Studies


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