Degree Plan


  • The Graduate Degree Plan is to be used for advising purposes and is not required to be submitted  to the Graduate School.  It is recommended however, that doctoral students complete a Degree Plan, gain appropriate approval, and submit the document to the Graduate School to be placed in their official file.
  • The Graduate Degree Plan should be completed and submitted within the FIRST MONTH of enrollment in a degree program.  This plan should be made with the advice and concurrence of the major advisor and the graduate committee.  Only courses appearing on the approved program will be counted toward fulfilling degree requirements.  Changes in the program may be made, using standard change forms, with the approval of the same persons who approved the original program (or their appropriate successors).

Complete this form with your advisor.    (Click here for Degree Plan)


Required Information

  • Name, address, e-mail and telephone numbers.
  • Degree and Major

Section I.

  • List all courses to be completed as part of your degree. This is a contract between you and Jackson State University.  Go to Graduate Catalog for Information.
  • If you plan to transfer graduate coursework from another college or university, list the course(s) here. You MUST file/complete a Transfer of Credit Form at this time.
  • Approval of the Degree Plan by the Student, Academic Advisor, Department Chair, and College Dean.

Revising your Plan

To change your degree plan you will need the approval of: Student, Academic Advisor,  Department Chair, and College Dean.

You can either-