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Division of Graduate Studies

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Welcome, graduate students! For further inquiries and detailed information about our graduate programs at Jackson State University, feel free to utilize the table of contact information provided below. Whether you’re exploring different program options, seeking more information on degree specifics, or connecting with program chairs/directors, we’re here to assist you every step of the way. The table includes program names, attainable degrees, the respective chair(s)/director(s) overseeing the programs, contact telephone numbers, and email addresses. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to the appropriate contact person for guidance and support tailored to your academic pursuits. Your journey towards academic excellence starts here!

Contact Us

Accounting M.P.A. Dr. Bobbie Daniels (601) 979-2708
Biology M.S. Dr. Ibrahim Farah (601) 979-3466 
    Dr. Tammi Taylor (601) 979-0394
    Dr. Carolyn Howard
Bus.  Administration (traditional & online) M.B.A. Dr. Chali Nondo (601) 979-2604
Business (Graduate Programs) M.B.A., Ph.D. Dr. Nizar Alsharari (601) 979-4326
Chemistry & Biochemistry M.S., Ph.D. Dr. Mehri Fadavi (601) 979-2171 
    Dr. Dalephine Davis 601-979-1525
Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Dr. Kaye Sly (601) 979-5990
    Dr. Juliette Schweitzer (601) 979-2371
Communicative Disorders M.S. Dr. Whitney Perkins  601-979-1433
Comp. and Data-Enabled Science Ph.D. Dr. Tor Kwembe (601) 979-2161
Computer Science M.S. Dr. April L. Tanner (601) 979-3302
Criminal Justice and Sociology M.A. Dr. Thomas Kersen 601-979-3014
Early Childhood M.S.Ed., Ed.D. Dr. Stephanie Davidson
Educational Administration Ph.D. (HEd) Dr. Albert Carter (601) 979-1140
(K-12 & Higher Education Concentration) (K-12) Dr. Jennifer Young Wallace (601) 979-0352
Educational Administration and Supervision M.S. Dr. Albert Carter (601) 979-1140
Educational Administration and Supervision Ed.S. (HEd) Dr. Albert Carter (601) 979-1140  
(K-12 & Higher Education Concentration) (K-12) Dr. Chandar Lewis
Elementary Education M.S.Ed., Ed.S. Dr. Stephanie Davidson (601)979-2341
Engineering (Civil and Environmental) M.S., Ph.D. Dr. Farshad Amini (601)979-3922
    Dr. Yadong Li 601-979-1093
Engineering (Electrical and Computer) M.S., Ph.D. Dr. Jacqueline M. Jackson (601)979-3923
    Dr. Shahrouz Aliabadi
English M.A., Dr. Ebony Lumumba
    Dr. Rashell Smith-Spears (601)979-2250
Environmental Science Ph.D. Dr. Barbara Graham (601)973-3321
Hazardous Materials Management M.S. Dr. Huiru Shih (601)979-2520
    Dr. Yadong Li (601)979-3913
Health, Physical Education and Recreation M.S.Ed. Dr. James Robinson (601)979-8696
History M.A. Dr. Lomarsh Roopnarine
    Dr. Albert Dorsey
    Dr. Mario Azevedo
Mass Communications M.S. Prof. Don Spann (601)979-2151
(Journalism & Media Studies)   Dr. Li-jing Chang
Mathematics and Statistical Sciences M.S. Dr. Tor Kwembe (601)979-2161
Music Education M.M.Ed. Dr. Ramon Jackson 601-979-2584
Music Education M.M.Ed. Dr. Lisa Beckley-Roberts
Political Science M.A. Dr. Ray Mikell (601) 979-2136
    Dr. Maruice Mangum
Public Administration Ph.D. Dr. Gloria Billingsley (601) 979-8784
Public Health Dr.P.H. Dr. Russell Bennett (601) 979-8822
    Dr. Yolanda Barner
  M.P.H. Dr. Sophia Leggett (601) 979-8846
Public Policy and Administration M.P.P.A. Dr. Gloria Billingsley (601) 979-8784
Reading Education (traditional and online) M.S.Ed. Dr. Stephanie Davidson (601)979-2341
School, Community and Rehabilitation Counseling M.S., M.S.Ed, Ed.S. Dr. Dion Porter (601) 979-2361
Secondary Education M.S.Ed.   (601) 979-2762  
Social Work (traditional and online) M.S.W. Dr. Terrell Brown (601) 979-8875
Social Work Ph. D. Dr. Patrice Jenkins (601) 979-8847
Social Work Field Placement   Dr. Temcula Robinson 601-979-8743
Special Education M.S. Dr. Stephanie Davidson (601)979-2341
Sports Science (traditional and online) M.S. Dr. James Robinson (601)979-8696
Teaching (Alternate Route and Online) M.A.T. Dr. Dennis Williams (601) 979-2439
    Ms. Eunetta Hart  601-979-8839
Technology Education M.S.Ed. Dr. Jessica Murphy (601) 979-1145
Urban and Regional Planning M.A., Ph.D. Dr. Berneece Herbert (601) 979-8732
  Ph.D. Dr. Edmund Merem
Urban Higher Education Executive Ph.D. Dr. Walter Brown (601) 979-2434
JSU Online Programs Online Dr. Keith Riley

Challenge Minds, Changing Lives

At JSU, we prepare our students to be global leaders by challenging them to improve themselves and inspiring them to go further. Our emphasis on fully integrated learning means your education goes beyond the classroom and into the lab, the community, and the world. Here, you will find countless opportunities to realize your full potential.

Our graduate programs are taught by a distinguished faculty of scholars and professionals who are experts in their respective fields. They are committed to providing students with an engaging and rigorous learning experience that prepares them for leadership roles in their chosen careers.

Important Dates

Keep up-to-date with all important dates for the current semester at Jackson State University. If you have any questions about the information listed, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you further.

Division of Graduate Studies


Division of Graduate Studies
1400 John R. Lynch Street
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Division of Graduate Studies
Jackson State University
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Phone: 601.979.2455