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Residence Life

Housing Application FAQ

Living on campus can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Our Housing and Residence Life Program offers a variety of programs to meet students’ needs.  We encourage you to participate in the Residence Hall Association and become involved in all of the activities offered by Housing and Residence Life.

Learn more by reviewing the FAQ below to answer questions you may have about Residence Life at JSU.


Are new first-time freshman and transfer students required to live in University housing?

No; however, we encourage all new students to live on campus and our office will make every effort to house new students.

What residence halls are available to new freshman?

New freshmen women will be housed in McAllister/Whiteside and Transitional Hall, which is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. New freshman males will be housed in Dixon.

Is there a certain number of credit hours that students have to have in order to stay in certain residence halls?

In order to stay in Campbell College Suites North & South, students must have at least 30 credit hours. Students must have over 20 credit hours to stay in Alexander Center and 60 or more hours to stay in University Pointe.

Is there an application fee for housing?

Yes. All new students to university housing must pay a one-time $100.00 non-refundable fee for housing. The office must have the application fee prior to assigning a housing assignment. Please note that the application fee does not guarantee a housing assisgnment.

Is there a room reservation fee for housing?

Yes. All returning students to university housing must pay the &75.00 Room Reservation fee. The room reservation fee must be paid prior to assigning a housing assignment.

Are returning students guaranteed housing?

We cannot guarantee space availability for returning students.

Are all returning students eligible for housing?

Only returning students who are in good conduct standing and students with a previous balance of $200.00 or less are eligible to receive housing.

What if I have a previous balance over $200.00? How can I receive a housing assignment?

You must contact the business office and get on a payment plan prior to receiving an assignment. Once you have gotten on a payment plan, please bring the documentation to the Housing and Residence Life and we will assign you accordingly.

Please explain the various fee associated with housing.

Housing staff will place the following charges on all student accounts:

  • University housing room fee
  • Meal Plan
  • PO Box Fee

These fees will appear on the electronic student account statement.

When do I receive my room assignment and when do I find out who my roommate is?

Information on room and roommate assignment can be found in your JSU PAWS account under the Housing Information Tab. Please note that suitemate information is not found for students who reside in Campbell College Suites and University Pointe, Buildings 4-10.

If I live on campus, must I have a meal plan?

Yes, all students who reside on campus (including University Pointe) must have a meal plan and will be assigned the all Access Meal Plan I.

If I want to change my meal plan, who do I talk to?

New students cannot change their meal plan option. Upper-class students can go to Dining Services, located on the first floor of the student center to change their meal plan.

How can I find out information about my PO Box?

If you need any information about your PO Box, including your PO Box number, please contact Postal Services located on the first floor of the Reddix Complex.

I am student athlete. Must I live in certain residence hall?

No. Athletes can live in any of our residential communities including Tiger Pointe and Tiger Plaza.

Is there housing for honors students?

There is designated housing for new freshmen honors students within Dixon Hall (men) and McAllister-Whiteside Hall/Transitional Hall (women). Once the designated spaces have been filled, new freshmen honors students will be housed in the appropriate first-year halls.

If I know who I want to be room with already, will we be matched up?

Every effort will be made to accommodate roommate preferences when all of the following conditions are met:

A) Both applicants request each other within three days of original application,

B) a double room vacancy exists.

Please note: Roommate preferences take priority over your hall preferences in the assignments process.

If I wish to change my roommate before school starts, can I?

Our office will make every effort to accommodate the request if we can. If we are unable to grant your request, we ask students to wait until Room Consolidation to switch roommates.

If I wish to change residential communities before school starts, can I?

Students must wait until room consolidation to change halls. Room consolidation dates are announced in September.

I am on scholarship. Does it cover all of a portion of my housing?

For any scholarship question, please contact Financial Aid or the JSU Business Office for detail about your scholarship and your account.


As a citizen of our residential community, you have the convenience of living close to classes, the library, laundry facilities, tutors, computer labs, and the student health center. Living on campus also offers a helpful and supportive staff, a secure environment, academic support, leadership development, and employment opportunities.



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